Celebrating 15 Years of Symmetric IT Group

Fifteen Year Anniversary

It’s an exciting time at Symmetric IT Group as we celebrate our fifteen-year anniversary! Over the past fifteen years, we have built a solid foundation of expertise and experience in this field, and it has been an incredible journey. Symmetric IT Group was founded in 2008, and we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved and look forward to the future.

The Purpose Of Symmetric IT Group

The main reason our CEO, George Lakiotis, got into technology is for the love of helping others succeed. When we see clients happy through our team solving complex IT problems and streamlining their technology, it makes it all worth it.

Since the start of Symmetric IT Group, we’ve seen clients and companies:

  • Streamline Business Operations by Increasing Employee Utilization with Proactive IT Support.
  • Identify and Reduce Cybersecurity Risks by Fortifying IT Infrastructure and Utilizing a Layered Information Security Approach.
  • Prepare their Businesses for Disasters of Any Magnitude by Implementing Business Continuity Solutions.

With our mission of providing innovative and proactive solutions to IT problems, we have been able to help those across all industries strive toward success.

After 15 years, Symmetric IT Group is now a leader in providing fully Managed IT Services for clients in the Florida, Kansas, Missouri, and New York markets, and beyond. Helping businesses in all industries with their daily IT operations and infrastructure management needs, we provide a comprehensive range of services to our customers for practically anything you can think of regarding technology and service.

Thank You For The Support!

Our team members have worked on projects ranging all across the technological landscape from hardware, to software, to cybersecurity. We are incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished over the years, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and grow in the years to come! As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we would like to thank all our employees, partners, clients, and supporters for helping us reach this point. Our goal is to continue delivering quality IT services that exceed expectations—here’s to many more successful years ahead.

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