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Business Questions

Managed Services” is an industry buzzword that has been misunderstood by many Business Owners. Too many variations of IT Managed Services float around and it’s confusing. We are going with the definition, “Outsourcing of all, or part of information technology service needs such as 24×7 operations, and administration of network, security, operating systems, virtualization, malware, databases and storage to a service provider whose primary focus is to provide such services across a wide customer base”. A key test of IT Managed Services is whether the provider can provide these services agnostically, remotely, comprehensively and without a need for proprietary tools, or platforms.

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. Today, the terms “cloud service provider” and “managed service provider” are sometimes used as synonyms when the provider’s service is supported by a service level agreement (SLA) and is delivered over the internet.

Great, No Problem! Many of our customers have a designated Internal IT Support person or in-house IT Department to handle the day-to-day technical issues and minor network issues. These organizations often count on us for the most advanced and critical IT Support functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, second opinions, Advanced IT Security and Advanced Business Application Support. Check out our Co-Managed IT Solutions Page.

We have you covered here, we have dedicated IT Support Engineers who are on call to assist you, know your networks and can be dispatched by calling our after-hours support line at 813.749.0895 or by just filling out our CONTACT Form. Our unlimited Elite Agreement includes this service

“SIG” currently services the IT needs of clients in all 50 states and beyond. Using our best in class remote monitoring tools and a local help desk based in Tampa, we can manage any IT environment anywhere in the country and the world. We Currently have clients in Europe that we have never had an onsite visit for. and if we did, we belong to a network of Managed Service Providers that can help each other as quickly as our local clients receive.

Over the last decade we have built relationships with many large and well-known distributors that offer us the discount to pass on to our clients. We can usually meet or beat advertised prices on hardware, software and we are always happy to offer unbiased product recommendations. We also offer a financing option with a great leasing company that understands the IT industry and it change cycles.

Technical Questions

Absolutely! Making sure your entire IT Environment is running efficiently is what we do. This is not a double click or snap your fingers type of thing though. We typically see that most issues with speed are due to years of neglect by other IT Companies. During our onboarding process and the first several months, we dive deep into your systems, find the gaps or bottlenecks and resolve them as best as they can be. Once your systems go through a deep preventative maintenance cycle, our monitoring and maintenance service will keep them running to their peak performance. Typically for older servers and computers, we recommend moving to a Solid-State Hard Drive, the speed will amaze you! Check out our Enterprise Solutions pages for more advanced solutions.

You bet! That is one of the things we do for our Managed Services clients. We can help ensure your data is always available no matter the situation. We offer a cloud backup solution that can not only protect your data but help keep running your business during any disaster! Check out our page on Business Continuity for more information.

This one can be frustrating, and a lot of fingers get pointed as to what is the culprit. We typically know your internet is down before you do. We monitor our client sites for constant up-times and sometimes its just a web browser issue or an isolated computer having DNS problems. We understand not being able to browse the internet can stop production, we always ask a series of questions to find out if its company wide or isolated. Typically, the ISP is having issues or latency. Occasionally it’s a miss configured firewall causing havoc. Either way, we help these issues go away!

Well, sometimes it’s the basics. As silly as it sounds, most of the time we troubleshoot a printer issue, the printer has either lost network connection (power surges), it has not been restarted in a very long time and occasionally it’s out of paper. That one has happened more than we would like to say. Printers need to have either a physical or network connection to your computer. If they lose either, they are just sitting waiting for instructions on what to do. Again, we will run through a series of questions and sometimes they just need the latest firmware to get them back to working at their best.

This is where the saying “If its Free its for me” does not work! Free anti-virus is free for one reason, some marketing dollars are behind them to push something else. They do offer basic protection but that was good in the mid 2000’s when only threat out there was a Virus or Spyware. Today’s threats are serious and very malicious. Just having even, the best Anti-Virus is not even close to enough to protect your business machines, the are constantly under-attack! You need layered protection, check out our Information Security page for more info.

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Are you exposed to cybersecurity, or technology obsolescence risks? Are their ways to reduce your ongoing Managed IT Support costs or improve business operations?

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Are you exposed to cybersecurity, or technology obsolescence risks? Are their ways to reduce your ongoing Managed IT Support costs or improve business operations?

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