Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Sys Admin Day

At Symmetric IT Group, we pride ourselves on keeping our client’s IT running seamlessly. But how does that happen on a daily basis? We have our hard working IT experts to thank for that. With July 29th being Systems Admin Appreciation Day, we caught up with our brilliant Sys Admin, Jonathan, to share with you a little bit more about what he does to keep us and our client’s IT running smoothly and safely.

Jonathan’s Background

Jonathan came from a small town in Kentucky, and when he discovered his love for video games, realized that delving deeper into the world of computers may be a good fit for his career interests. While finishing up a degree in Computer Science, Jonathan found his way down to Tampa where he began working for Symmetric IT Group. Coming to love the world of MSPs and IT Support, he has now been with us for 4 ½ years.

What Does a System Administrator Do?

A System Administrator is a critical role in our company and many others, and we wouldn’t be able to function without Jonathan’s work. Jonathan describes his role as, “Solving problems before they become problems.” This role encompasses keeping an eye on all our IT tools, software, and applications, helping with internal IT issues, as well as writing scripts to allow our helpdesk to run more efficiently.

How Do Sys Admins Protect Clients?

In the theme of solving problems before they happen, that is something Jonathan keeps an eye on for all our clients. Regularly checking for security risks and cutting them off before they happen is a major benefit of having a Managed IT Service provider.

Stopping a Brute Force Attack in its Tracks

Recently Jonathan was able to stop a Brute Force Attack from taking one of our clients as their next victims. While he was reviewing a client’s Firewall, he noticed in the logs that someone had attempted to log into their systems 300 times over the course of an hour. No employee would try that hard to get into their account before calling us or clicking the ‘forgot password’ button!

Jonathan immediately flagged this and took necessary security measures to check on the threat. Upon applying a GEO-IP Filter, he discovered the attempts were coming from Eastern Europe, a location our clients do NOT have offices. He then was able to close all their ports and secure their systems for the future.

Thank Your Sys Admins Today!

We’re thankful to have Jonathan on our team and hope all Sys Admins have a great System Administrator Appreciation Day. If you’re looking for Cybersecurity Services for your Florida business, look no further than Symmetric IT Group. 

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