Creating a Powerful Backup Strategy

Creating a Powerful Backup Strategy

Data is the heart of all businesses. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as hardware failure, malware attacks, or human error, having a well-designed backup and data recovery strategy in place becomes paramount. There is a lot on the line for any Florida business when disaster strikes. Is your business ready for a data loss incident? For the Tampa business owner hoping to mitigate their exposure to downtime and client backlash in the face of an event like this, having a disaster recovery plan in place is essential to seeing a strong resolution to a bad situation. Today, we try and guide you through the process of creating a robust backup and data recovery strategy, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data. 

Assess Your Data 

Before delving into the specifics of a backup and data recovery strategy, it is essential to assess and categorize the data you possess. Identify the critical data that must be safeguarded, including financial records, customer information, and intellectual property. Categorize the data based on its importance and relevance to your business operations. 

Choose the Right Backup Solution 

Once you know what data you have and are looking to back up, there are several different ways that an organization can back up its data. It can simply back it up to hard drives, pay for cloud storage to send its backups to, it can even backup files to a tape drive if it so chooses. At Symmetric IT Group, we believe the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system we offer offers the best, most comprehensive data backup

What Does a Good Backup Strategy (BDR) Look Like? 

The best way to find a backup solution that works for your Florida business is to find one that is both comprehensive and easy to restore. Additionally, not all your data is equal. Some is extremely valuable, and some isn’t. Sorting out what data is essential and what data is less useful will help you build a strategy that works to protect your organization from a detrimental data loss situation. 

At Symmetric IT Group, our solution is one that attaches to your network, which gives you a local copy, while pushing a copy of the data to an offsite data center. By utilizing the cloud as well as a local backup, we can provide a comprehensive backup solution that will protect your data no matter what your situation is. 

Implement a Backup Schedule 

Consistency is key when it comes to backups. Establish a regular backup schedule based on the criticality of your data. Consider the frequency of changes to your data and the associated risks. Automated backup solutions, like the BDR, can simplify this process by ensuring backups are performed regularly without manual intervention. 

Test and Validate Your Backups 

Creating backups alone is not enough; it is vital to regularly test and validate their integrity. Perform periodic recovery tests to ensure your backups can be successfully restored. This step guarantees that your data can be recovered when needed, minimizing downtime and potential loss. 

Resolutions To Make For The Rest Of The Year 

For the IT administrator or small business owner, challenging yourself and your staff to do better than they did last year is a solid practice. We’d like to make a few suggestions as it pertains to data redundancy. 

  1. Purchase a backup platform that will allow you to back up necessary data without costing your organization costly downtime. 
  1. Work with your IT administrator to plan and document a comprehensive recovery strategy that outlines a baseline recovery point objective (RPO) and a recovery time objective (RTO). 
  1. Test your backup regularly. By regularly testing your data backup procedures and effectiveness, you’ll know that if the time comes when data needs to be rolled out from a previous save-point in case of an emergency or disaster situation it will already exist. 

Protect With A BDR Today 

The Tampa IT professionals at Symmetric IT Group have seen it time and again: a company is hit with a nasty malware attack, a natural disaster, or hindered by a simple user error and needs their data back immediately, only to be left holding the proverbial bag as antiquated backup solutions or poor procedure delays the process, resulting in significant downtime. 

If you don’t want to let the downtime exacerbate an already stressful situation, reach out to Symmetric IT Group’s knowledgeable IT technicians who can put your organization with a backup and recovery solution that is sure to keep your business’ data available even in the worst situations. Call us today at (813) 749-0895 to get started protecting your business with a BDR and check out our business continuity page. 

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