How Healthcare Professionals Can Secure Their Businesses

Healthcare IT

Healthcare is one of the strictest industries for compliance, which means Healthcare companies can face extreme fines for anything that violates HIPAA. On top of that, Healthcare is one of the highest breached industries due to all the sensitive data that is at risk.

HIPAA Verification For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals can protect themselves from cyberattacks by making sure their IT provider is HIPAA Verified and knows the proper security steps to take. In doing this, the IT provider will follow the best practices in the most critical areas of healthcare – administrative, physical, and technical security. They should also use the highest standards for sensitive client and patient data protection. Cyberthreats continue to multiply, and criminals are using a myriad of tactics to gain access to healthcare businesses.

Three other ways Healthcare companies can protect themselves besides having a HIPAA Trained IT provider are encrypting data, using comprehensive cybersecurity measures, and restricting user access based on roles.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Surprisingly, HIPAA doesn’t dictate that your business data be encrypted. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect to implement encryption, as it may just save you if you are the target of an attempted data breach. 

Unified Threat Management

A Unified Threat Management solution is a great next step. This solution leverages a firewall, content filter, antivirus, and spam protection to protect your company and its assets. While this doesn’t render your company impervious to threats, they greatly reduce the number of them that you must worry about.

Limit Access

Lastly, limiting a user’s access to the resources they need to complete their work helps to cut down on your potential exposure. This is especially important in an industry that is as data-heavy as healthcare, with records as extensive as medical ones are.

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Symmetric IT Group is fully educated in HIPAA practices, meaning we know exactly how to handle your business’s IT. We follow compliance regulations to make sure your business is protecting its patients. Check out our Healthcare IT Services page to learn more about how we help healthcare professionals.

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