Phishing: A Case Study

phishing case study

When people think of a Managed Service Provider, especially one well versed in Cybersecurity, it can be hard to imagine that they would deal with any sort of cyberattack issues or attempts themselves. While we may be the IT experts, it doesn’t mean we’re immune to threats too, but we do know how to spot and handle them. A SIG team member was recently the target of a Phishing Attack attempt, which we wanted to share with our readers to help bring awareness to the importance of Phishing training and employee education. Here’s our phishing case study.

Phishing Explained

Phishing is a social engineering attack where a scammer attempts to deceive an unsuspecting victim into providing access to computing systems and networks via email. They send an email appearing to come from someone or an organization you know, using urgency and fear to get the user to click on something in the email, usually a malicious link. Once the user clicks the link, your business may be in trouble. 

The Email

When our team member went on her email Monday morning after the weekend, she did what most people do when they start their week, she checked her email. Symmetric IT Group practices what it preaches and uses our partner OpenText’s email services to vet which emails make it to the inbox. When it detects an email that may be spam or a threat, they get filtered out and sent to the user as headlines, asking if they want to release the email back to their inbox to be opened.

Upon reviewing those emails, she realized that there was one that looked to be from her boss caught in the spam, requesting help on a Sunday in an urgent fashion. Panic ensuing, she questioned whether she had missed the opportunity to help complete an important work task. However, questioning why her boss’s email would’ve gone to spam, she remembered her phishing training. Her boss wouldn’t email her on a weekend asking for something in a short period of time without a solid heads up. Nor would he use such vague language. She promptly reached out to him and asked if he had sent the email. He of course had not, and upon reviewing it, the hidden sender was a stranger, attempting to trick her into giving out sensitive information.

While our security tools are crucially important to keeping our network and data safe, it is employee training that can make or break that front line of security.

The Importance of Security Training

Incorporating your team into your business’s cybersecurity practices helps make everyone accountable and understand why protecting your systems is important. Security training is becoming common in most organizations, due to the fact that threats are ever-increasing. It is no longer an investment that you should consider but is one that you need. If our story above highlights anything, it is that anyone can be a target. We offer comprehensive and easy security and phishing training your employees will actually enjoy completing, ultimately helping to keep your data more secure.

Our Security Stack

While this phishing case study blog drives home training, the combination of training and top security services and tools is the ultimate way to cover all your bases. We have curated a security stack for our clients that takes into account all aspects of your Tampa business, from email security, disaster recovery planning, firewalls, and more.

Get Your Team Protected Today

You and your team deserve to have peace of mind and focus on what you do best. Cybersecurity services from top Tampa Managed IT is the way to do this. We hope this phishing case study highlighted the dangers of not training your team. To learn more about the services we offer, go to our Information Security and Security Training pages. Book a free security audit below to discover what cybersecurity gaps your business may currently have.

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