3 Last-Minute Gifts For the Technology Lover in Your Life

The holiday season is getting busier and busier every year and with less and less time afforded to shopping and getting ready for the holiday, you may have overlooked that special someone on your holiday shopping list. This week, we give you three gadgets that would be really nice last-minute gifts for technology lovers in your life.

Levitating Plant Pot/Lamp

We’ll start with a couple of cool pieces that just about anyone will find fascinating and fun. Using magnets, several manufacturers have created products that seem to defy the laws of physics; and they are perfect for the desks of technology lovers. 

The levitating potted plant is a succulent that floats above the base, while the lamp is a LED light fixture that floats beneath the arm of a desk lamp. There are different versions of the lamp with the most expensive ones providing a wireless charger in the base. Overall these are cool items that can be purchased online for under $100 and shipped to you fast.

The Couch Console

In today’s age of video games and streaming media, people spend a lot of time in front of the television. One problem with this is that controllers, remotes, phones, and all manners of other devices can accumulate in the nesting spots we choose to relax from. One awesome gift is called The Couch Console. It is a modular place to store your remotes, your phone, and even a drink and a snack while you relax on the couch. 

Made from lightweight foam, the Couch Console comes with a no-spill cup holder, a place to store your remotes, and can even come with an optional battery pack so that you can charge your devices. The Couch Console starts at $80 and will be a great option for just about anyone. 

A Power Bank

We add in the power bank because today everyone uses devices that need charging all the time. How many times have you gone someplace and someone asks you if you have a charger they can use so they can keep their devices alive just a little bit longer? Gifting a power bank eliminates the need to scramble around to find juice for their favorite device; they’ll have it on them already.

Essentially, a power bank is a backup battery that can be used to charge devices that run out of juice while you are on the go. There are all types of power banks available: from ones that will change your wireless earbuds to devices that can power a laptop for hours at a time. The ones that make great last-minute gifts will be able to sufficiently recharge a smartphone and a pair of wireless earbuds on a single charge. For this reason, they are a great gift for just about anyone. 

What do you think? Are these good gifts for technology lovers you would’ve added? Leave your thoughts on our Symmetric IT Group social media and have a Merry Christmas!

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