3 Reasons Why Businesses are Going With the Public Cloud for Their Data Needs



When it comes to cloud computing, the small business has plenty of choices. There are several different types of clouds, but depending on your business’s specific needs, you can narrow it down to three: the public, private, and hybrid varieties. Many businesses are finding that the public cloud is a more valuable asset than a private or hybrid cloud. We’ll dig into the details and explain to you what these benefits could mean for your business.

Here are three reasons why small businesses might prefer the public cloud over the other options.

The Cloud is Easy
If your business hosts data in-house, this means that you’re responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, any major changes to the infrastructure are under your direct supervision, which means that altering it could be cumbersome. A public cloud eliminates this issue, as any changes you need to make (such as requiring to add additional users or scaling up your resources) are handled through your cloud service provider. If you need more storage space or user access, all you have to do is put in a support request.

Keep in mind that you can still take advantage of the private cloud without all of the hassle. Going through a managed service provider like Symmetric IT Group opens up plenty of opportunities for private cloud usage either by hosting a server in-house and having us maintain it, or by utilizing a part of our own infrastructure for your exclusive use.

The Public Cloud is Relatively Secure
There’s one major thing that you need to remember when going through a public cloud provider: chances are that they will spend much more on security than your business will need to. This makes for a relatively secure experience, regardless of the fact that your data isn’t hosted on a private server. Plus, since public cloud providers have security experts working with their cloud, you get their proficiency without hiring full-time, on-site IT technicians.

One point to mention is that while the public cloud has passable security, a private cloud is the best way to achieve optimal security. Since the private cloud allows you to implement external security features, it’s a better option for the security-minded business owner.

Less Focus on Technology Maintenance
If you’re not focused on maintaining your cloud solution, you’ll have more time to spend managing your business’s operations. This is invaluable for a small business owner, as technology management can waste unnecessary amounts of time and resources that are better spent ensuring that operations are moving forward unhindered. When you use a public cloud, you’re hosting your data on a cloud provided by a service provider. They are responsible for the maintenance and management of your data, which takes the burden off of your shoulders.

A similar effect can be achieved by going through a managed service provider. In fact, you can use a private or hybrid cloud in a similar way. Just ask us how! To learn more about what the cloud can offer your business, reach out to us at (813) 749-0895.

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