3 Reasons You Want Experts Handling Your IT


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For a moment, I want you to stop and consider something: Who do you call for when the lights stop working? What about the appliances? Most likely, an expert… so if you turn to the pros for these needs, why would you do anything different for your IT? There are very good reasons you want experts handling your IT.

Here, we’ll present the value of turning to the IT experts that we have here at Symmetric IT Group for your business’ technology needs. These values can effectively be broken down into three essential qualities that our services – known as managed services – are built around.

Why Have Experts Handling Your IT?

Predictable Productivity

Regardless of a business’ size, this is a primary concern: are they able to sustain their operations at a rate that means that they can remain open? This is one of the reasons that productivity is such a big buzzword in IT – the influence a given solution can have on a business’ productivity can easily make or break it over time. With proper IT, you can focus on what matters and not have to worry about remaining open, but plan on expanding and thriving. Try asking your employees how much they can accomplish if their computers don’t work – they’ll probably tell you how important an operational solution is to your business in no uncertain terms. Downtime can harm any business, even if it is just for a short time.

With a managed service provider (or MSP) like Symmetric IT Group managing your solutions, you can be sure that your technology is maintained with experts handling your IT. This way, your employees won’t find themselves stymied by technical issues out of their control.


Let’s face facts for a moment – business owners today have a lot to worry about. Once upon a time, a business could be protected by storing their documents in a safe and keeping the combination a secret. However, in today’s increasingly collaborative world, the safe has been made impractical. This means that your data needs to be both accessible to those who need it to meet the productivity standards we discussed above, as well as secured against cyberthreats and other risk factors, like data loss. We see more cyberthreats than you would believe and do not want to see your business fall prey to one of these hackers.

An MSP like Symmetric IT Group can implement the various solutions needed to ensure that this balance is achieved, allowing you the security to focus on your business. With the confidence that our services and solutions–including integrated security measures and business continuity with backups–can provide, you can breathe easy, knowing that your data stores are secure. If you want to learn more about the security we provide, check out our information security page.

Professionals Pulling For You

As you may have noticed by now, most of the qualities of an MSP’s services that we’ve discussed thus far revolve around you receiving support that gives providers like Symmetric IT Group their self-explanatory title. However, that only part of it. When your MSP’s team is made up of experts like ours is, you not only have professionals providing your business with support… you have professionals supporting you.

Unlike many other IT service options, the more successful our clients are, the more successful and happier we are. After all, that means that our solutions worked for them, only reinforcing the proof that our options are the right ones to leverage. Furthermore, you can be sure that if you do experience a problem with your business’s technology, we’ll come correct to fix it. Again, our success is determined by yours – so if something doesn’t work, that’s a problem for us… and frankly, our professional egos aren’t going to let us overlook a problem like that.

We hope this showed why you want experts handling your IT. Interested in finding out the difference that an expert touch can make for your IT services? You deserve technology and IT support that helps leverage your business’s skill set. Reach out to us at (813) 749-0895.

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