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Managed Services in Florida: Business IT SupportImplementing virtualization for your network can provide your business with several benefits, like saving money and streamlining operations. Business executives from a variety of different backgrounds are taking advantage of virtualization to meet their goals. Learn how we can help with our Managed Services in Florida. cites the demands of the modern work environment as fueling the adaptation of virtualization. “At the speed that information travels these days, businesses have to move fast and make decisions that improve the customer experience. So it’s not surprising to see service levels, responsiveness and overall satisfaction top the list of reasons for adopting virtualization.”

This list comes from a study of CIOs and virtualization by VMware. Here are four CIO goals identified that virtualization improves upon.

42%: SLAs Met By IT
Virtualization improves the efficiency of IT. A big reason for this is due to increased simplicity. By having basic terminals running off of a server, you will minimize the amount of maintenance required compared to using a fleet of high-end workstations. With virtualization, your network will need fewer machines. This consolidation of hardware frees up time for your Business IT Support provider to better meet SLAs and to spend more time on technology initiatives.

39%: LOB (Line of Business) Satisfaction with IT
Naturally, if your IT provider is meeting SLAs and has more time freed up, then you will be more satisfied as a business owner. If adopting a technology like virtualization can improve the goals of your line of business, then it’s worth doing. After all, isn’t the improvement of operations the overall purpose of business technology?

37%: IT Responsiveness to Requests
With virtualization, network maintenance and the deployment of applications can be achieved much faster. A quicker response time from your Business IT Support provider minimizes downtime. Any technology that minimizes downtime and improves response time can potentially pay for itself with the money saved by averting an IT disaster.

26%: Money Generated by LOB
For over a quarter of CIOs surveyed, virtualization helped to achieve the most important goal of every business: generating more revenue. Generating money is one step beyond saving money, and virtualization has been proven to do that, too. One way this works is in terms of idle assets. As GE’s Jeff Liedel, executive director of the company’s global IT operations, told CIO Journal. “From a cost perspective, virtualization allows us to better leverage the hardware that we have across a variety of domains. We see the utilization of capital go up, and that is a good thing for any company.”

What are the goals of your business? Whatever your company is working towards, we’re sure that virtualization can be of great assistance to you and even your bottom line. Find out more about how virtualization can help your business by calling Symmetric IT Group at (813) 749-0895, and learn about our Managed Services in Florida.

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