5 Tips that Can Help You Be More Productive

5 Tips that Can Help You Be More Productive

In most workspaces and offices, “productivity” is always present on the list of goals. Why settle for one task completed in a set time, when multiple tasks can be completed in the same amount of time without sacrificing the quality of the result? This goal is popular enough for many experts and consultants to have weighed in on. We’ve decided to give you a basic overview of some tips that can help you be more productive.

Great Productivity Tips

Two-Hour Solution

The idea being the “two-hour solution” is to take two hours to plan out a schedule to follow each week, based on how your plans and goals culminated the week before. Investing this time should allow you to make the most of your available time to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

The reason that this is different from simply going over your calendar each week is the fact that, if guided by the Two-Hour Solution, you’re figuring out how the time you’re spending contributes to your goals. “Green time” is time that helps you generate financial capital, while your “red time” is the time that you spend preparing for green time, without generating any profit. To account for the wrench in the works that would ordinarily throw off your schedule, you also include “flex time” to provide a buffer. What’s left is your “re-creation” time, where you recover from your productive endeavors.

Prioritize Big Tasks

Consider your big priorities, your more flexible responsibilities, and your rote tasks in the workplace as large rocks, smaller stones, and sand, respectively. Your time is a bucket, ready to be filled with these items as you see fit.

Let’s say you decide to start with the “sand,” before trying to cram in the “rocks” and “stones.” Chances are pretty good that you won’t be able to accomplish very much at all, at least nothing of any circumstance. However, if you prioritize the more impactful rocks, then the stones, and fill in the rest of the space with your sand, your bucket—or workday—is then used as productively as possible, and anything you didn’t get to complete isn’t of consequence.

Two-Minute Rule

While there are countless variables that can potentially influence the amount of time a task will take to complete, you eventually get a feeling for the typical duration. Some tasks can predictably take a significant amount of time, while others take almost no time at all to make it through. The idea of the Two-Minute Rule takes advantage of that difference. Simply put, if a task will take two minutes or less, just get it over with.

The philosophy behind the Two-Minute Rule is to build motivation to tackle the larger responsibilities by successfully completing smaller tasks. Think about it, every task, regardless of how large it is, can be broken into smaller, more manageable chunks, chunks that can take mere minutes to complete. Once you’ve completed enough of these two-minute tasks, it only makes sense to see the greater responsibility through, and with the progress you’ve already made supporting you, completing it seems that much more feasible. 

The Blastoff Method

Have you ever found yourself hesitating when there was no logical reason to? Many times, people put their brains into “protection” mode—by thinking about everything that needs to be done between point A and point B, your brain ultimately prevents you from doing what you need to do. However, if that hesitation can be avoided, you will see a boost in overall productivity.

If you close the gap that hesitation creates between your capability to do a task and your perception of that task, the task becomes easier, helping you be more productive. Scientifically, by doing so, you are bypassing a behavioral process and resetting an established habit loop. This allows better, more productive habits to be created instead. Give it a try next time you encounter a task you want to avoid starting.

Create a Time Crunch

Some people really feel like they work better on a deadline. If you give yourself less time than you think you’ll need to do a task, the created pressure may help you be more productive.

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