A Client Success Story: Security Audit With NIST

Conduct a Security and Compliance Audit, You Won’t Regret It
IT Service Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

With the ever-increasing threats consuming the cyber landscape, managed IT services can help ensure your business is staying safe, secure, and compliant. Starting with a Security Audit is the first step in the direction of a more secure Florida business.

Here at Symmetric IT Group, we work with Tampa clients and beyond that vary in the level of security they require. Our main priority is to find solutions that best fit each business’s needs. We craft Security Solutions that help: 

The Symmetric Security Audit

1. Complete a full Security Audit. 

2. Keep you compliant with industry standards like HIPAA, GLBA, and EU GDPR. 

3. Continually monitor and update your systems to identify and stop any threats.  

4. Outfit your M365 suite with our Security Essentials Pack. 

5. Provide Cybersecurity training and testing to your employees. 

6. Give you the peace of mind that your business is safe & secure. 

With all the protection services we provide, we thought it may be useful to provide a look at a recent security audit we completed for a client that brought them to a solid NIST score.  

In case you aren’t aware, NIST stands for the Institute of Standards and Technology. A NIST score helps in presenting real-time, contextualized risk data to improve situational awareness and prioritize required actions. By knowing your NIST score, you can harness frequent and meaningful assessments of risk to the owner of the system, with a data-driven basis to help make further decisions.  

Client Security Audit  

One of our clients, a Manufacturing company, came to us looking for help and wanted us to conduct a security audit to determine their NIST score. Their business works with the Department of Defense, so they were adamant about maintaining security standards. Upon completing the NIST evaluation, it came to light that they had a NIST score of 24 out of 115. Beyond that, we discovered that they had security vulnerabilities in their network and firewalls, leaving them completely exposed to attackers, so we needed to lock all aspects of their business down.  

The Problem 

50% of getting to a resolution is knowing the problem. Our client had assumed they needed some security tune-ups, but discovering that they had such a low score was really eye-opening for them. Most businesses would be really surprised by how un-secure their systems actually are. Since our client was now aware of the necessity to implement a solid security stack, we were able to move forward with them off that baseline to get them to a satisfactory NIST score.  

The Solution 

Through performing a full systems security audit, we were able to identify any security gaps or issues. Beyond that, we spent the next couple of months combing through every recommendation and requirement NIST has. In doing so we were able to not only enact the security protocols they needed in order to be Department of Defense compliant, but we were able to get their NIST score to a 105 out of 115, and we will continue to work with them to get it higher. In addition, we removed any unnecessary applications and cleaned up their systems, implementing preventative measures to stop any possible malware downloads or virus infections in the future. 

We listened to our client’s concerns and needs to ultimately bring them the peace of mind they were looking for.  

Managed IT Services Protect You 

As technology becomes more sophisticated, we are becoming more reliant on it. Technology has become the foundation of your business and integral to its success. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your IT. Risking a security breach, or a system outage means you are risking thousands of dollars and your business’ reputation. 

A well-curated IT security solution stack can keep your business secure, compliant, and online. Working with an IT provider gives you access to professional advice, cutting-edge tools, and helps you sleep a little easier, knowing they have got your back. 

What Do Our Technicians Say To Someone Hesitant To Have A Security Audit? 

Our security experts suggest that if you think your security is already pretty strong, it is good to confirm and get a baseline of where you stand. As we stated prior, you may be surprised how un-secure your business actually is. Our security audits hold you to no obligation, so it doesn’t hurt to see where you stand.  

They also emphasized the importance of team involvement and security training for your employees. If everyone within your business isn’t on board and educated on cybersecurity protocols, hackers can slip through the cracks and hide in your network.  

These processes take time, patience, and energy. You do not have to do it alone. At Symmetric, we strive to provide dependable IT support. What sets us apart from other MSPs is we don’t do surprises. We keep you informed with reliable, friendly customer service and communication, every step of the way. 

Let us know what we can do to improve your business’s security; book a call with us via the button below. 

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