Benefits of Leaning on a Video Conferencing Solution


It wasn’t too long ago when the idea of video conferencing was a very complicated one. The technology just wasn’t there to make it a major benefit for companies. Most people only knew about Skype for video calling, or Facetime for personal use. As conferencing technology has been innovated upon, however, it now presents a laundry list of substantial benefits. We all need video conferencing tools now more than ever, with many working remotely and not being able to meet in the office. Let’s take a look at some benefits of leaning on a video conferencing solution you can see by moving to video-driven meetings.

#1 – Engagement – Businesses have been using telephone-based audio meetings to their benefit for a while; and, have been successful in doing so. With the technology that is available today, however, allowing for better engagement through video. This isn’t just because meeting attendees can see a presenter, but because each person can now choose to see other attendees. This changes the communication skills that are needed. A well-run and efficient video conference can function much like a meeting where everyone is physically in the same room. Not only that, but you can also see any presentations, products, or anything else that requires visuals.

#2 – It Connects Teams – With many businesses trying to take advantage of remote computing solutions, having a video conferencing platform available allows teams to connect in ways that were just impossible only a few years ago. Workers are happier when they don’t have to travel to a central office, and video conferencing makes it possible to have regular and productive meetings, even if people are out of the office. It also gives organizations the opportunities to cut down on their human resources costs by taking advantage of freelancers. Video conferencing also doesn’t limit the number of people, so whole teams can meet.

#3 – Helps You Get to the Point – With better engagement and more structure to the meetings you hold, meetings won’t go on very long and you and your team can hash out the issues they need to address and then get back to work quickly.

#4 – Employee Satisfaction – As was stated earlier, people like to work from home. Even if they are working the same amount, they feel like their work/life balance is in their control. This is a major selling point for any employee, and can result in less turnover, fewer complaints, and a higher employee retention rate. By meeting online during these times instead of in the office, it also shows you put employee safety first.

#5 – It’s Efficient and Effective – In-person meetings can take up a large portion of the work day. This is largely because there are tangents that go on in the duration of a meeting that don’t have anything to do with the stated objective of the meeting. Video conferencing can present a great alternative that will keep people on point and working toward the goals of the meeting.

If you are looking to cut down on your meeting times, while also getting a solution that will work from anywhere with an Internet connection, look no further than the video conferencing options you can get through Symmetric IT Group. Call our knowledgeable consultants today for more information at (813) 749-0895 and please take a look at our Managed IT Services page to see what we can do for you.


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