Businesses are Dashing to the Cloud. Is Yours?

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This is a strange time for everyone. For business owners, it’s filled with uncertainty as many of their businesses have had to shut down in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Others were forced into embracing remote operations, for who knows how long. For these companies, their cloud platforms are turning out to be major benefits. Today, we’ll explain why. Today, we’ll explain why we see many businesses are dashing to the cloud and give you considerations if you haven’t looked into it already.

Identifying the Best Plan Ahead With Cloud Platforms

A business owner’s priorities have likely changed during the past few months. We know some of our clients have had to shift operations. They’ve gone from worrying about specific problems to being concerned over the sustainability of their entire enterprise. It is important for the businesses owner to stop worrying about how to keep their business functioning in the same way that it was, and focus on coming up with a plan to adjust to the situation they are in and do the best they can to keep operations sustainable and profitable. You shouldn’t have to worry about your IT transitioning smoothly from in office to remote.

The advice we’d give is to consider a cloud platform migration strategy. This shift will allow for anytime/anywhere access and will work to reduce your management, support, and utility costs. Furthermore, there are specific tools available in the cloud that can simplify your entire computing platform.

If you are chomping at the bit to move your computing infrastructure to the cloud, you should start by choosing the systems that need remote access. This will ensure that you will have a lot of the most valuable resources for your needs. After that you can work your way onto new workloads. Migrating your business’ computing resources to the cloud will help your business and employees.

As you are doing so, you will need to train your staff on the best practices of authentication, including password management and other security protocols to prepare them to protect your new cloud systems. Otherwise, setting up the cloud is as simple as working with your IT administrator to get the tools to the people that need them.

COMPANYNAME can help. If you want to improve your IT infrastructure, or if you are forced into accepting remote operations, give us a call at PHONENUMBER and our knowledgeable professionals will help find the solution that works for your organization’s needs. If you aren’t sure where to start with the cloud, we can help pick the right platform for your business, implement it, and keep it running with our IT support and managed IT services. Reach out today.

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