Collaboration is More than Just Meetings

Collaboration is More than Just Meetings

Most business owners are looking for a way to cut their costs. One way that many firms can see some cost reduction is to increase productivity through solid business communication and collaboration. Today, there are many digital tools designed to get more eyes on a project, but they may not completely fit your strategy. Let’s look at some strategies that are used to promote collaboration and some tools that can fuel these enhanced collaborative efforts. People from different departments always need to work together to make workflows move efficiently, get projects done on time, and create reliable revenue streams. Therefore, the demand for tools that integrate collaboration options is extremely high. 

Video Conferencing 

Some of the most helpful apps during the COVID-19 era were video conferencing apps. They effectively allow teams to meet at the click of a button. This technology was valuable for businesses that had remote workers before, but since over 20% of businesses moved from onsite workers to having completely remote workforces basically overnight, businesses know how to better leverage it now. Additionally, many VoIP platforms come with video conferencing functionality. 

Some of the most important features of a video conferencing solution include:  

  • Screen sharing 
  • Instant messaging and group chat features 
  • HD Video 
  • Recording 
  • Multiple-webcam options 
  • Encrypted file sharing 


Video conferencing may be the tool your business has been waiting for without even knowing it. 

Voice over Internet Protocol 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has proven to be an extremely cost-effective communication tool for businesses to use. As it runs off your existing Internet connection, you can eliminate the added cost of traditional telephony, only paying a relatively nominal fee for service and equipment as needed. Furthermore, VoIP is easily scalable, featuring plug-in-and-play functionality. In short, VoIP allows you to provide your employees with a necessary communication tool, without breaking the bank. 

Collaboration Apps 

There are new collaboration apps that have been developed with so many integrations that you can basically pick the tools you use inside the collaboration app itself. We use Microsoft Teams and highlight recommend it. Today, there is software specifically designed for collaboration. They typically include text messaging, project management tools with options to share documents, and useful integrations that give users the ability to share more on demand and be as productive as possible. 

Productivity Suites 

The productivity suite has been around for decades. The modern productivity suite provides secure cloud storage, sharing, and sync email, collaborative word processing, and more. These productivity suites are generally managed by the provider, which adds useful benefits.  

Unified Communications 

One of the best strategies for a business’ communication needs is a unified communications platform and collaboration practice. This platform enables you to integrate your communications tools into your productivity and management solutions. By offering a variety of communication methods via a single platform, unified communication solutions are a great tool for businesses that take internal interactions seriously. 

Symmetric IT Group can help you enact all of these collaboration practices to help boost your business’ productivity. To learn more, reach out to us at (813) 749-0895. 

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