Cybersecurity is a Constantly Evolving Industry

Cybersecurity is a Constantly Evolving Industry

Security is extremely important for every single organization that uses IT. Like any other part of a business where practices and demands change frequently, there is bound to be significant innovation involved with the strategies built to protect users and the business as a whole. Let’s look at why it is important to continuously innovate your organization’s cybersecurity evolving policies and procedures.

Continuous Rise in Data Breaches

The number of data breaches has been rising precipitously over the past few years and it reinforces just how important a conscientious cybersecurity policy is. Not only do you have to consider the strategic issues that have organizations shifting their security platforms, you need to account for the innovative changes that hackers and scammers are making, not only to their strategies but their tools. 

Some of the Largest Scams Involve Social Engineering

Psychology-based scams are the predominant way that hackers are able to gain access to outside information systems. The way this works is that a scammer will contact one of an organization’s users with an email, message over instant messaging, a phone call, or any other form of communication that dictates that the user clicks on a link that takes them to a fraudulent site or downloads an attachment that will deploy malware on your computer. 

While most social engineering scams aren’t that innovative, there have been innovations in strategies involved, such as creating messages that look like they are coming from actual management or executives that will get them to act impulsively; or, innovations in the type of malware they use (such as ransomware) that can really devastate a whole organization’s computing infrastructure should it be successfully deployed. 

Three Cybersecurity Innovations

Cybersecurity is evolving and is an over-$150 billion-a-year industry, so it stands to reason that some of the most important IT innovations are being developed by security companies. Not every new technology has proven solutions, however. Here are three innovative new tools being used by businesses to secure their IT and data.

  1. Automated Threat Management – Using artificial intelligence, the automated threat management platform uses dynamic machine learning capabilities to identify and eliminate threats before they can become problems.
  2. Cloud Encryption – More and more organizations are moving forward with remote employees and therefore are more apt to rely on cloud computing platforms than businesses that operate at one location. To protect data in transit, businesses are starting to use homomorphic encryption tactics that don’t require packet decryption before data can be put together. 
  3. Zero-Trust – Each day many more connected devices are added to business networks and with so many devices operating as endpoints, it’s important that businesses have a strategy to keep unwanted or untrustworthy devices from accessing the data and resources on the network. A zero-trust policy makes certain that there are no devices accessing network-attached resources without authorization.

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