Evolution of Cybersecurity Tools and Strategies

Evolution of Cybersecurity Tools and Strategies

Technology has come a long way, but so too have the threats which leverage it to their advantage. How have the cyber threats which target your organization evolved over time, and what can you do to protect yourself? Here are some of the best cybersecurity tools and strategies.

There Are More Risks Today Than Ever Before

Modern tools such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the cloud give businesses more options to get their work done, but they also represent additional avenues for hackers to attack. Automation can improve your work processes, for example, but it can also make it easy for phishing attacks and other types of threats to infiltrate your network.

This type of advancement means you need to take action. Here are three questions your organization must consider for its continued security and success.

Consider These Three Questions

Let’s examine some of the first questions you should consider for your business’ cybersecurity:


      1. Are the security measures we have in place now enough to protect us from developing threats and risks?

      1. Are we putting sufficient time into training our employees to be a security asset, rather than a source of vulnerability?

      1. Are we preparing ourselves for the threats that will develop thanks to emerging platforms and new technologies?

    What Else Should You Consider?

    Furthermore, we have some other considerations your organization should look at to keep your technology safe.

    Improve the Way You Seek Out Malware

    There will always be the types of threats that are in your face and ready to demand a ransom, but more often than not, malware will sneak around in the background and mimic a legitimate user’s technology habits. You have several ways to combat this, such as automated security solutions and increasing your employees’ security awareness.

    There Are More Threat Surfaces to Protect

    More technology means better processes, but it can also mean more vulnerabilities to threats. Businesses need to take stock of their current risk management strategies to ensure that they are effective, even when implementing new technology, without making your systems too complex or hard to manage.

    Improve Awareness at All Levels

    Your IT department or provider will likely handle most of the cybersecurity issues with your business, but awareness and adoption start from the top down. If you don’t take security seriously, nobody else will. Now is the time to make security a priority by showing your team just how important it is.

    Let’s Work Together to Protect Your Business

    As managed IT providers, we work to protect our clients from the many current and emerging threats out there. By making things as easy as possible for businesses like yours to protect themselves from cyber threats, we give you the power to take back your workday and focus on profits and more efficiently run your business through innovative cybersecurity tools.

    To learn more about how we can help you make this vision a reality, reach out to us at (813) 749-0895.

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