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b2ap3_thumbnail_single_conduit_callcenter_400.jpgCan you imagine how much easier it would be to manage your IT Service problems if you had a dedicated IT Support team who you could always count on to receive calls and answer any questions your team has? This would technically qualify as an internal help desk, and they could potentially save you a ton of money and time in the long run. Why? Because your team wouldn’t have to waste time digging through complicated systems to find answers to their dilemmas. We offer the best IT Help Desk Support in Tampa.

All companies have different needs for IT Support, so it’s tricky at best to place a particular cost for IT Help Desk Support. However, the value that it offers for your organization is unquestionable. For instance, consider the amount of cash your business could save if your team didn’t have to struggle against spam all of the time. Every year, approximately $712 is lost per employee due to having to sort out spam email; a problem that they shouldn’t have to deal with in the first place.

Waste due to technology problems can quickly become an overwhelming crutch that is completely unnecessary. Think of how much time you could save if your team didn’t need to deal with any of the following problems:

  • IT Vendor Management: Calling hardware/software vendors to resolve an issue
  • Small Business Computer Support: Diagnosing computer problems
  • Business Continuity Services: Checking backups
  • Manually installing updates and patches and handling the general upkeep of their computer
  • Simply suffering with computer issues without having ANY action taken.

Adding up all of these figures is sure to display a pretty serious number that your business simply can’t afford to deal with if it can help it. As it turns out, there’s an IT Support Services solution available that’s designed to help your organization deal with this exact problem. It’s called implementing a single point of contact for all of your technology troubles, but it’s often easier said than done. The skills required and the additional costs on the payroll might be enough to dissuade you from onboarding a full-time help desk employee.

Symmetric IT Group can offer your organization a completely Managed IT Service solution that lets your team take advantage of our technology expertise. We can act as your technology IT Help Desk, helping your business fully take advantage of your tech assets. We can answer all questions you might have about your current IT infrastructure Management. We can do all of this at a fraction of what it would cost your business to onboard a dedicated in-house IT Management specialist.

We can help your company’s staff stay productive throughout the workday by being available all of the time to assist with any potential issues they might encounter. This includes assigning an account manager (sort of like a CIO) to document, manage, and support your network and all of its specific functions. We can even assist your business in making the important tech decisions it needs to make on a daily basis, including those which concern the future of your IT. Give us a call at (813) 749-0895 to learn more about the best IT Help Desk Support in Tampa

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