Modern Businesses Taking Advantage of the Cloud: Business Mobility

Cloud Custom Business Solutions

Cloud Custom Business SolutionsFor the modern-day business owner, moving to the cloud means to take advantage of the several strategic advantages it offers. Companies no longer have to restrict themselves by relying on physical servers, desktops, or hardware. Most businesses see the value that cloud-based operations can offer them, and they are racing to take advantage of this fairly recent development. In fact, Joe McKendrick of Forbes magazine says that four-out-of-five small businesses will be based in the cloud in the near future.

One of the biggest attributes of the cloud which draws in business is the concept of increased Business Mobility that cloud-based applications and software offer. The Schaeffer Manufacturing Company, which McKendrick references, has seen an incredible shift in its profit margin since the inception of its cloud services. Will Gregerson, an executive at Schaeffer Manufacturing Company, claims that their business has jumped from $85 million to $130 million dollars in sales, just by switching to the cloud. In fact, this spectacular 53 percent increase in profits came with no strings attached. No new staff members were brought on to increase sales. The change was all thanks to the sheer convenience that the cloud offers modern businesses.

A recent survey from Emergent Research and Intuit Inc. revealed that 80 percent of small businesses plan on moving to the cloud by 2020. The results were gathered from a wide range of different industries, some not even related to technology. Businesses, regardless of what they are selling, providing, or buying; all want cloud services in the future. Steve King of Emergent claims that businesses can utilize the cloud in many different ways, all of which aim toward giving themselves a competitive edge over the opposition.

Plug-in Players
Some businesses want to take advantage of the cloud, but their budget doesn’t allow for it. These companies are called “plug-in players,” who concentrate on specialized services and outsource their technology and other necessary components of business to a third-party Managed IT Service provider. Symmetric IT Group can help your business achieve this goal by handling your IT Business Solutions while you manage your company on the home front.

Businesses will take the form of busy beehives in the near future: several individuals will work toward one common goal, and they are all connected via cloud-based Business Applications and software. The increased Business Mobility of the cloud revolution will help workers check in anytime, anywhere. Everyone will be connected via a virtual workplace designed to increase productivity.

The sky will be the limit for small businesses. They will continue to grow and take on industries thought previously unreachable, such as corporate juggernauts, with cloud computing Business Applications. This “head-to-head” approach increased opportunities and possibilities for small business owners, previously limited by the size barrier.

Each business is made up of individuals, and these individuals will find ways to integrate the cloud into their day-to-day lives. This might include building a virtual portfolio, which will help them find other sources of income to further augment their existence. These individuals want to be their own boss, and the cloud gives them a way to express themselves online in ways which previous generations would have given anything for.

Regardless of how you plan on using the cloud, Symmetric IT Group will help you find the best method of achieving your personal and professional goals. With virtual servers, cloud backup data, and cloud-based Business Applications at your disposal, you’ll feel as if your business is taking off without a hitch. Give us a call at (813) 749-0895 to see what we can do for your cloud Custom Business Solutions.

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