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The role of professional services companies in our society dictates that they need access to information as efficiently as possible. Some of the most crucial jobs in our society would be labeled professional services. Today, we are going to go through three of those careers such as lawyers, accountants, and doctors. These jobs handle very sensitive data and need to keep security and IT processes top of mind. We will go on to describe just how each of their industries benefit from the presence of managed IT services.

Managed IT Benefits for Professional Services

The first thing you should understand about managed IT services is that it is itself a professional service. Most companies depend on their information systems and we ensure that those systems remain running efficiently so that they can continue to focus on their revenue-generating tasks. Most professionals require a support staff, meaning that the professional’s subordinates need to have access to solutions designed to help solve business problems. Options that include scheduling, resource management, and data management are, in many cases, needed to facilitate effective service delivery. However, your support staff usually have jobs of their own, and cannot help you manage your IT.

When we talk about professional services, we’re typically referring to lawyers, doctors of all types, accountants, engineers and architects, and financial managers. At Symmetric IT Group, we help all of these industries improve their IT. In order to do the job productively, the professional services firm depends on technology. Many of these professions are also highly regulated, creating mandatory security standards that need to be met to avoid detrimental situations.

Let’s take a look at three of the most prevalent professional service types and how managed IT services can provide major benefits for them:


Law firms deal with a lot of sensitive information. Up until recently, most law firms stored their files on paper in file cabinets. Some still do, but we do not recommend this. . The shift to the digital workplace can come with major capital expenses, which are typically not in a firm’s budget. With managed IT services, there are several parts of the law firm’s operations that can be improved, or at the very least, digitized and secured, and ultimately can save you money in the long run. Our consultants can work with legal office administrators to set up an efficient and cost-effective computing construct that centralizes file management, dissemination of files and schedules, and makes the firm work more efficiently throughout. Some of these services include:

  • Cloud infrastructure – With cloud infrastructure a law firm can centralize their file management and gain access to that data anywhere on nearly any device. Hosted offsite or onsite, modern cloud solutions provide the flexibility and security that modern law firms look for in their file storage platform.
  • Document management – A document management platform provides the ability to save, secure, and access any document saved in the file management system. By scanning documents that were traditionally stored in file cabinets, it cuts out the time and expense that comes with having a large clerical staff. Now the modern law firm can be agile without workforce redundancy. They can also be easily sent among employees.
  • Virtual Private Network – The Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution provides a way to remotely access files from a centralized server without running the risk of having that data intercepted en route. Using encryption, the VPN ensures that sensitive information isn’t falling into the wrong hands. Cybersecurity is crucial.

Accountants/Wealth Managers/Insurers

Managing money is one of the most crucial jobs a person can have. For these professionals, there are very specific responsibilities given that center around management and especially data security. Symmetric IT Group can present tools and solutions for accountants, wealth management firms, and insurance companies. They include:

  • Finance management software – With access to some of today’s most well-regarded vendors, we can present any financial institution with the software and hardware tools they need. With an enterprise accounting system or insurance management solution, anything that was once done in the accountant’s office can now be done digitally, providing clients the security and reliability that companies are looking for.
  • Hardware solutions – At Symmetric IT Group, we have industry-leading consultants that can outfit any branch office with the technology it needs to be effective. From servers to workstations to networking and surveillance, Symmetric IT Group is the answer for all of your hardware needs.


Of all of the professional services, healthcare professionals have the most important job. If you want a more in depth look at how we can help, check out our Healthcare IT page. Since doctors and healthcare professionals work under such strict data security regulations, it is essential that the modern medical practice has the tools it needs to meet the mandates and help physicians deliver superior care. Some of the technology solutions that we can provide the modern medical practice include:

  • HIPAA-Compliance – Our experience and certified technicians are well versed in data practices for health maintenance organizations. We can consult with your internal IT team to help you get compliant.
  • Electronic Medical Records – The use of electronic medical records (EMR), or electronic health records (EHR), are becoming standard in today’s medical practice. Continuous efforts to provide superior care have led many practices to contact our expert IT staff. We can put your practice next to the right system for you and your patients.
  • Wireless Networking – For most businesses, wired connections do the trick, but for the modern medical practice, the technology has to be accessible remotely via different devices. Our team can design, implement, and support the wireless network capabilities a practice could need to get the secure connectivity structure that pushes their business forward.

We hope this showed how managed IT benefits professional services. If your professional services firm is looking for technology, tech support, or just to talk about how technology fits into your business, call us today at (813) 749-0895. Check out our industry pages to learn more about how Symmetric IT Group can help out your specific industry.

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