How to Leverage Parallelism to Up Your Productivity


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As unfortunate as it is to hear, science has definitely kyboshed the notion that multitasking works. However, while multitasking may not actually have any true benefits to productivity, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways to accomplish more in less time. Today, we’ll give you a better option than multitasking, a process known as parallelism.

How Can You Leverage Parallelism?

First, What is Parallelism?

On the surface, multitasking and parallelism might look extremely similar, but below the surface they are quite different. Parallelism is the practice of enabling progress to be made on more than one task or project, simultaneously. Despite this perceived similarity, there is one key component to parallelism that sets these two processes apart. This is in how you set them up.

Parallelism doesn’t require your attention to be devoted to both tasks.

Take breathing, for example. For most people, this process is instinctive, and requires no focus on their part to continue. In fact, it requires more focus to stop breathing than it does to continue. This is why human beings are able to accomplish anything. Since we can rely on our bodies to continue breathing, we can go about other tasks that do require our attention, like reading a blog post or calculating a budget.

Of course, breathing is one thing… how can we leverage parallelism to increase your Tampa business’ productivity?

Examining the Description

Well, based on how parallelism has been described thus far, it would seem that the idea is that one task can be completed automatically, while attention is devoted to the other task.

Our business’ processes can have the same strategy applied through automation.

With the right solutions in place, you can have repetitive responsibilities removed from an employee’s workload, allowing them to accomplish more of their focus-driven tasks in the meantime. If you use an MSP like Symmetric IT Group, we can help reduce downtime. With reduced downtime combined with parallelism, your business can maximize efficiency.

Of course, there are other ways to adopt and leverage parallelism, too. Delegation has been a very popular option in business for a long time now. By having one of your employees focus on one element of a task, and another focus on a different one, you can effectively accomplish the same amount of work twice as quickly. The same concept works among different departments, as well.

Interested in adopting automated solutions to start becoming more parallel in your processes? Reach out to Symmetric IT Group at (813) 749-0895 and check out our Managed IT Services page. We can recommend the solutions and provide your Tampa business with the IT support and services that can greatly boost your productivity by allowing you to direct your focus elsewhere. Reach out today!

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