Innovations in Your Office’s Technology Can Bring Big Benefits



Technology innovation in the workplace is something that is constantly shifting and changing, depending on what’s hot at any specific time. These days, it might seem like office technology innovation is stagnating, but we assure you that it’s still constantly improving. Innovations in your office technology can bring big benefits to your business. We’ll walk you through some of our favorites to improve data accessibility and workplace productivity as a whole.

Innovations in Your Office Technology – Meeting Technologies
Meetings have been central to the success of many organizations, as they are often places to discuss new initiatives and innovations. One that we are seeing taking off is remote work and video conferencing. Making investments in solutions that augment your ability to hold meetings will be pivotal to the success of your organization. Conferencing software, video chat, and other options for making your meetings more efficient and productive. These meetings should be accessible anytime, anywhere, giving your employees the tools to meet whenever it’s most convenient for them, regardless of physical location or connection to the workplace.

Innovations in Your Office Technology – Software Integration
It’s no surprise that software integration will play a critical role in the workplace of the future. Thanks to software developers building APIs (Application Program Interface), your software solutions often have the opportunity to play nice with your productivity tools, whether they are new systems that you have recently put in place or are established ones on your in-house network. It’s likely that the future will hold APIs in higher esteem moving forward, as so many modern businesses value integration than ever before. If you aren’t sure how to integrate your software, Symmetric IT Group can help.

Innovations in Your Office Technology – Intranet Solutions
Your organization’s applications need to be found in a place where anyone on your staff can access them. To this end, an intranet solution can help create a single point of access for any and all of your business’ critical assets. An intranet can also be a great location for access to important information, like your employee handbook and other policies. However, you also want to make sure that the right people have access to the right documents, so keep that in mind. Think of an Intranet Solution as a portal to your organization’s most important information.

Innovations in Your Office Technology – Cloud-Based Services
We know we talk about the importance of the cloud very often, but it’s simply too potent of a concept to dismiss outright. When you store data and applications in the cloud, you’re creating an infrastructure that can be accessed on demand at any time from any location, as long as the user has the correct viewing or editing permissions. What this allows is a more open form of getting work done, as it embraces the “always on” notion of mobile technology. There are different kinds of cloud software to fit different businesses, so ask us which one might be right for you.

Symmetric IT Group can help you implement any of the new innovations that modern office workers need to stay productive. We are here to give you all the IT support and services your business needs to stay ahead. To learn more about the solutions and services we offer, reach out to Symmetric IT Group at (813) 749-0895 and check out our managed it services page.

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