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Email is a core component to many businesses. With 124.5 billion business emails being sent and received each day, email doesn’t seem to be in danger of ending. However, something that is on the rise are cyberattacks targeted at individual’s emails. Phishing, ransomware, and more attacks are occurring daily. 74% of businesses have had a successful email attack. Are the emails that are coming and going from your business secure? To keep your email security at a premium, we have outlined the following tips to help you learn to use email safely.

How to Use Email Safely

Using Filters
Using filters make a lot of things easier to manage and easier to interact with, but since your employees must stay on top of their company email, having easy to use solutions is important. Spam-blocking can go a long way toward reducing the number of unimportant emails each employee sees, and a dedicated antivirus software can keep malware and other nefarious entities off your network.

Be Smarter with Your Email
No spam filter or antivirus will do it all. To achieve the best results with securing your email, users must be well-versed in the best practices of email management. The most important qualification any person can make when trying to secure their personal email from hackers is to ensure that they know what a phishing email might look like; and to make sure that the business’ network security is up to date. We have many blogs on the topic of Phishing if you want to learn more tactics. Since you cannot always protect your business, working with an MSP like Symmetric IT Group can help keep your security up to date and monitored.

Here are few tips to keep your email secure and use email safely:

  • Know what a legitimate email looks like. For every email sent from a vendor or partner, there are two sent that are there to trick end-users.
  • If you aren’t going to take the time to encrypt your email, don’t put any sensitive information within the email. This goes for heath, financial, or personal information. Documents can be encrypted within an email as well.
  • The less people who have your email address, the more secure your email is going to be. Teach your employees to not give out their email addresses unless they know the individual directly.
  • The email solution needs to be secured behind solid passwords, and/or biometrics. Two-factor authentication can also be a good solution to secure an email against intrusion.

End Your Session
This is not common, but there are circumstances that people can’t control, so if you absolutely have to use a publicly accessible device to access your email, you have to make certain that you log out of the email client and device you access your email on. After you log out, you’ll want to clear the cache. Many browsers and operating systems today want to save your password for user convenience. Better to use a password manager than allow the most public points of your workstation to save your credentials.

Symmetric IT Group can help you set up an email security policy that will work to ensure that your employees are trained, and you have the solutions you need to keep any sensitive emails away from prying eyes. If you are looking for Tampa IT support or Kansas City IT support, call us today at (813) 749-0895 to learn more and check out our managed IT services page.

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