Let’s Go Through Some Security Best Practices

Data Security is Essential Managed IT Services

While there is no question that cybersecurity is important to any business, there is often a disconnect between this principle and any actual implementations that it reflects. Unfortunately, this can often leave a business vulnerable. To prevent this outcome, it is important that you follow a few best practices when it comes to fortifying your business against attack. Let’s go through some best security practices.

Best Security Practices

Security Steps

Good security practices will require a process for your team to follow. Take the time to go through every aspect of your business’ infrastructure and develop the policies to ensure that your security is solid. Having these broken down and visible for employees to look back at any point they need can help stop a disaster from occurring later on. As you do so, make sure you are addressing all scenarios and situations, including things like…

  • What qualifies as confidential data, when and how this data is to be shared, best practices and requirements for storage and access credentials
  • How devices used for work are to be maintained and handled, which devices may be approved for use, how to get a device approved
  • How employees are required to go about transferring data, remote work policies, threat reporting processes

… as well as the other considerations that pertain to your business and its data. COMPANYNAME can help you through this as well, to make sure nothing is missed.


Security best practices require your employees on board. While many organizations tend to underestimate the importance of sufficient employee training, overlooking it could potentially bring down the whole of your operations. Companies are less interested in training because it can be time consuming and costly, but it will save you a lot more money in the long run if your employees know how to keep your company and its data secure. Time and again, a business’ employees have been shown to be that business’ largest vulnerability. Most often, this is simply due to ignorance, rather than the negligence or active malice that many managers and owners would presume.

After all, your employees are mathematically the most fallible of your many business resources. Not only are errors a very real possibility, cybercriminals have learned that technology is considerably harder to fool than a human being. There are considerably more threats out there that target your employees directly.

Phishing, or the attempt to gain critical information or access by posing as someone or something else to fool a user, is regularly deployed against professional and private users alike. Not knowing about kinds of phishing or what to look for could leave your team more vulnerable to the much more sophisticated phishing attacks that are common enough today.

This is just one example of the many best practices that your employees need to know but are commonly overlooked, especially as time passes. Ongoing training and evaluation will help to maintain awareness of these threats, and resultantly encourage your team to be more diligent about subscribing to set processes.


Of course, every business should also have security measures and solutions in place to guard against attacks and unwanted access. Installing and maintaining tools like firewalls, antivirus, virtual private networking, and others is key to ensuring that your systems are as well-defended against threats as possible. If you do not know how to implement these tools and tactics alone, COMPANYNAME can help here as well by performing a network audit to identify weak points and the solutions needed to resolve them.

Security isn’t something that any business can afford to shortchange. Cybersecurity is our top priority and should be yours too. Working with a trusted MSP like COMPANYNAME ensures that you are properly protecting your business with sustainable and effective measures. To find out more, reach out to our team by calling PHONENUMBER today and check out our information security and business continuity pages for more information.

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