Maintain and Support Your Technology Before Your Employees Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Maintain and Support Your Technology Before Your Employees Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

We believe that at the end of the day, employees want to do the right thing and accomplish their daily tasks without incident. However, technology can often break these plans with unexpected issues that prevent them from doing so. If you don’t take the time to maintain and support your technology when it is needed, you force your employees to either be unproductive or find unconventional (and often unsecured) solutions.

Employees Using Unsecured Devices

Generally speaking, your employees will use their work technology to fulfill their obligations, including their desktops or perhaps a work-issued laptop or mobile device. Unfortunately, depending on how well you maintain and support your technology devices, they may be slower than the technology employees use when they are out of the office. This may lead them to use technology that is not governed by your security solutions, such as their personal devices, simply because they work better than their work-issued devices.

Therefore, it is crucial that you manage and maintain your organization’s devices in a way that makes sure they are working optimally. You should follow this up with a comprehensive Bring Your Own Device policy that outlines how employees are allowed to utilize their mobile devices for work purposes. Doing so will save you a lot of grief in the long term.

Unauthorized Software Downloads

There are times when your staff will require specific tools in order to perform a function of their job. If they do not have the appropriate tools to accomplish the task, they may choose to download applications from the Internet that allow them to do so. These applications are often dangerous to utilize, as they are outside the scope of your company’s software infrastructure, and who can really tell if the application used is secure or not?

This is especially problematic for software that requires a software license. Imagine for a moment that one of your employees is going about their daily tasks without any disruptions, only to be disconnected from the tools needed to perform these duties by an expired software license. In their desperation to keep working and meet required deadlines, they might download some free software or perhaps one with a counterfeit software license. This could come at a steep cost should your organization become subject to network audits or otherwise.

In the end, being proactive about technology support is the only way you can prevent these issues from breaking your business and budget. While your employees might feel like they are being proactive in finding a solution, you shouldn’t have to rely on them finding the solution for themselves; instead, provide them with a protocol to follow so that you know they will seek the help of experts when it is needed.

COMPANYNAME can be those experts. We want to help your employees do their jobs in the most effective way possible, be it through implementing new and innovative solutions or assisting them with their daily duties through comprehensive IT support. Let your team focus on what they know best: their own jobs, not keeping their computers and other technology in proper working order.

To learn more about how we can help your employees stay productive throughout the workday, as well as maintain and support your technology best, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER or use the booking button below. Check out our Managed IT Services page for more information.

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