Partnering with an MSP can Help Secure Your Business [An MRI Practice’s Story]

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Whether you are completely clueless when it comes to IT and need all the help, you can get, or if you have an internal IT team – Managed IT Services can help ensure your business is staying safe, secure, and compliant.  Partnering with an MSP can help secure your business.

Here, at Symmetric, we work with multiple clients that vary in the level of security they require. Our main priority is to find solutions that best fit each business’s needs. We craft security solutions that help: 

  1. Complete a full systems security audit.
  2. Keep you compliant with industry standards like HIPAA, GLBA, and EU GDPR.
  3. Continually monitor and update your systems to identify and stop any threats.  
  4. Outfit your M365 suite with our Security Essentials Pack.
  5. Provide cybersecurity training and testing to your employees.
  6. Give you the peace of mind that your business is safe & secure.

An MRI Practice’s Experience 

Our client, an MRI practice, came to us looking for help maintaining and securing their email. They had a hosted email provider, and it quickly became apparent that switching to Microsoft 365 would make it easier for them to get and stay secure and optimize their business operations. Because they are in the medical field, they were worried about maintaining the HIPAA security standards. They lacked trust in their hosted email provider and were constantly stressed about leaking a patient’s information and tarnishing their stellar reputation.  

The Frustration   

As an MRI practice, our clients were worried about maintaining the HIPAA security standards. They lacked trust in their hosted email provider and were constantly stressed about leaking a patient’s information and tarnishing their stellar reputation. They knew there were more secure email options out there but didn’t know enough to feel confident evaluating what they needed. 

The Fix 

We began by performing a complete systems security audit for the MRI practice to identify any security gaps or issues. In doing so, we recognized our client’s hosted email provider was not going to allow them to enact the security protocols they needed to be HIPAA compliant. Also, we removed any unnecessary applications and cleaned up their systems, implementing preventative measures to stop any possible malware downloads or virus infections in the future.  

We listened to our client’s needs and concluded that migrating them to Microsoft 365 would meet their security requirements and offer some added bonuses. We were able to outfit them with our M365 Security Essentials Pack- giving them the peace of mind they were looking for. We also plan to migrate their files into OneDrive, centralizing their information for improved efficiency and adding extra layers of security. With regard to our ongoing services, our client said, “Symmetric IT Group is always great to work with. They are pleasant, informative, and prompt whenever I need help. I couldn’t ask for any better.”

IT Services Protect You

As technology becomes more sophisticated, we are becoming more reliant on it. Technology has become the foundation of your business and integral to its success. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your IT. Risking a security breach or a system outage means you are risking thousands of dollars and your business’ reputation. 

A well-curated IT security solution stack can keep your business secure, compliant, and online. Partnering with an MSP for your IT gives you access to professional advice, cutting-edge tools and helps you sleep a little easier, knowing they have got your back. 

At Symmetric IT Group, we strive to provide dependable IT support. We don’t wait around for something to break; we take a proactive approach to keep you up and running 24/7. What sets us apart from other MSPs is we don’t do surprises. We keep you informed with reliable, friendly customer service and communication every step of the way. Unfortunately, some clients prefer to ignore or not accept all recommendations, but in this situation, this company went with all our recommendations, which led to an optimal and secure result.

We hope this showed the value of partnering with an MSP. Let us know what we can do to improve your business’s security; book a call with us via the button below.  

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