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Businesses spend a lot of time thinking about new technology solutions, but new organizations in particular need all the tools they can get to be competitive in the competitive marketplace. Startups and cloud services are becoming more intertwined. The cloud is one of those tools that will continue to grow alongside your business provided you take measures to keep it flexible enough to change as needed. It is also beneficial to have someone managing the cloud for you, such as an MSP like Symmetric IT Group. We’ll help you understand how the cloud can be great for new businesses, as well as some of the solutions you can take advantage of through it.

The Cloud for Communications
All businesses need a telephone system of some kind. The traditional telephone infrastructure used by older organizations got a lot of mileage, but it’s unnecessary for the modern office, especially newer start ups. In traditional business telephone solutions adding users can be irritating and expensive. Cloud-based communication solutions like Voice over IP (also known as VoIP) allow you to add extensions while taking advantage of everyday features that you would get with a more traditional telephone system. The benefits include eliminating an unnecessary service in traditional telephony while consolidating your infrastructure to use your bandwidth for communications.

The Cloud for Data Storage
The cloud allows your Florida business to have easy access to data storage. This gives your team the capabilities to access the same files from anywhere at any time if they have the correct permissions. Cloud-based data access promotes flexibility in devices used for work purposes as well as productivity by enabling employees to work as they see fit. With many remote work environments taking off, communication across channels and storage is useful. Of course, permissions are something that must be paid attention to, as the more people who can access data, the more likely it is that something goes wrong with it. A good rule to follow is limit data access by user role.

The Cloud for Application Access
Some businesses have critical applications installed on every workstation, but this can be expensive and time-consuming. For one, you must install this software on all devices they are needed on. This means you need multiple software licenses for each instance of the software running, whether it’s in use or not. Storing applications in the cloud gives your business more opportunity to apply patches and updates as needed, as well as making account management much easier. Using the proactive IT Support we provide can help secure all of your workstations and applications your team uses.

How does your business use the cloud to its advantage? Let us know in the comments and be sure to reach out to us at (813) 749-0895 for more tips on how you can leverage the cloud to your organization’s benefit. Check out our enterprise solutions page for more information on how we can help your Florida Business‘s IT with startups cloud services.

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