The 3 Ways to Resolve a Technology Issue


b2ap3_thumbnail_resolution_to_problem_400.jpgYou know that one unlucky employee that seems to have the most problems with their computer? Perhaps they keep getting an error that no one can replicate, or they need a little help setting up a Mail Merge? Due to most managers only knowing of two technical support options, business owners can get stuck in a tough spot with employees like this.

Option 1: Have Them Fix it Themselves
By letting an employee that’s not skilled in PC repair sit at their desk and try to deal with the issue themselves, a lot of time will be wasted. Sure, they’re bright and can likely figure out how to fix the problem by Googling the issue and watching how-to videos on YouTube, but that’s not why you hired them. Plus, this DIY method will eat up a lot of company time.

You hired their bright mind to spend time and energy coming up with new and better ways to make your business money. Therefore, having an employee take time to learn about and fix a PC problem on their own will actually end up costing you double. It will cost your organization for the time they spend resolving the issue, and the time they don’t spend generating revenue for your company.

Option 2: Have Them Call Up Technical Support
The other option typically given to employees that are prone to breaking their technology is to have them call up the official technical support associated with the piece of broken tech. Granted, this is a much quicker way to fix a problem, but it’s also a quick way to ring up huge technical support bills that just aren’t in your budget.

When it comes down to it, ordinary technical support services aren’t designed with the intention of saving businesses money. Instead, they’re designed to make money for themselves by charging a rather exorbitant fee to give their expert advice. Using these hotlines, businesses end up paying for an overly-priced technical service simply because they’re unaware that there’s a better way.

Symmetric IT Group’s Third Option
We’re here to pull you out of this lose-lose situation. We offer helpdesk support that allows you to encourage your staff to reach out to us if there’s a technical problem keeping them from getting their job done. This means an employee isn’t going to rack up a huge surprise bill and you’ll be able to focus on growing your business, instead of prioritizing what gets fixed.

We couple this with our remote monitoring and maintenance IT service, which means all of your computers are already being taken care of. To prevent issues before they affect your bottom line, we encourage you to contact us today at (813) 749-0895. Don’t let a frustrating computer issue stop your staff from doing what you pay them to do!

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