These Communications Tools are Driving Modern Businesses

These Communications Tools are Driving Modern Businesses

Imagine doing your job without the advanced communications tools that you have access to. It would make things much less efficient. Most organizations use all types of different solutions to be able to support their workforce and customers, but in today’s business, there are three solutions most organizations have come to depend on. Let’s take a look at these three today.

Ways To Stay Connected


Email remains a fundamental communication tool for businesses. It is often used for formal communication, document sharing, and marketing. Many businesses use email for internal communication among employees as well as for external communication with clients, partners, and vendors. Email gives users the ability to attach files, and manage conversations, and often comes with some pretty advanced features as far as software integration goes. Our Email Encryption and Email Spam Protection services can help you leverage email without all the regular concerns that come along with it like phishing and malware.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP has become a serious contender in the telephony space given organizations’ reliance on their Internet connections. Essentially, VoIP is a feature-rich telephone service that allows organizations to get the advanced features they need, without the need for dedicated telephone wires. Using VoIP-enabled phones and mobile applications an organization can get the telephone coverage they need, as well as access to video conferencing and a myriad of call-management features that any modern business is likely to depend on. We can help you get away from the annoyance of normal phone services today through the joys of modern Voice Over IP Upgrades.

Collaboration Apps

Collaboration apps provided a centralized place for team communication, allowing for real-time messaging, file sharing, and the creation of different channels for specific topics or projects. Not only do these platforms give teams the ability to sufficiently manage their projects and services, they also have many software integrations and integrated file sharing that make business more efficient. We’re bias towards using Microsoft Teams, but know that a lot of great options exist out there.

If your business doesn’t have a comprehensive plan for its communications and needs some help choosing the right solution for you, give the IT professionals at Symmetric IT Group a call today at 813-749-0895. Leverage the use of technology to stay connected.

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