Threats Can Come From Inside Your Business, Too

Threats Can Come From Inside Your Business, Too

With so many companies having to deal with security problems coming in from the Internet, they may think that securing against an attack coming in from the outside is where all their attention should go. This can be an oversight that could have dire consequences for your business. This month, we tell how threats can come from inside your business and why you why you need a security strategy that protects your data and infrastructure from all manners of threats—inside or outside your network.


Scammers don’t have to come from outside your network. Quite frequently threats come from the people you trust to carry out your vision. Unfortunately, any organization that deals with data is going to have to anticipate this as a possibility. You will need to put measures in place that limit data access to people who actually need the data. Employees should only have as many permissions as they need to effectively do their jobs, and nothing more.

Unsecured Applications

If yours is like many other businesses, software is a crucial part of your business. Unfortunately, if they aren’t properly updated, they can be a major security risk. If a software is left unpatched, it can create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. This can have major consequences for your operational stability. Tools like cloud computing and virtual private networks can provide more security and flexibility, but if you insist on hosting your own servers, you will need to have a patch management platform in place to ensure that you are doing what you can to protect your business.

Unrestrained Access

Today, many businesses have employees that need remote access to network-hosted resources. This demands that any business that functions in this manner needs to monitor and manage both a dedicated access control strategy, but also the profiles that employees access the network from. The more computers and accounts allowed to access network resources, the larger the chance that one will have malware on it. This malware can spread to your network and wreak havoc. Be sure to measure who needs remote access and provide those people with the tools needed to help your IT team protect your network.

Mistakes and Mismanagement

The people that work on your network are some of the biggest risks, not because they are would-be saboteurs, but because they make mistakes. Sometimes this is the result of negligence on their part, but more often than not, threats that come from your workforce are simple mistakes. This doesn’t mean they are benign threats, it just means that you have to consider how best to train your staff up to help you avoid IT issues. You will want to have a comprehensive training plan that includes how to make a secure password, how to avoid online and email scams, and the best practices of using the Internet. With this knowledge, your organization will see fewer mistakes and a more secure network.

We hope this showed how threats can come from inside your business. If you would like to learn more about how to enhance your business’ cybersecurity from threats outside your business and from within, give the IT security experts at COMPANYNAME a call today at PHONENUMBER.

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