Tip of the Week: Stop Overworking from Home

Tip of the Week: Stop Overworking from Home

It’s quite possible for employees to overwork themselves, even in a remote environment. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can minimize remote overwork for your employees, especially as the boundaries typically set in place by the morning commute are eroded and work/life balance blurs. Here are some tips to stop overworking from home.

First Off: Yes, Overworking is an Issue

Countless issues and workplace challenges have come to the surface in recent years, including others that are much more divisive, like wage inequality and racial imbalances. However, these issues are much greater and more difficult to address in this format, and overwork presents a different challenge to overcome.

Overwork is a very real issue that can impact your organization in several different ways. Employees can become fatigued, anxious, and ill with symptoms like headaches, pain, and vision problems. Overworking from home can also impact interpersonal communications. Add in the emotional stress and pressure caused by the pandemic and you have many employees walking around like ticking time bombs. All of this can create the perfect storm for destroying even the best worker’s productivity and performance.

The question must be asked, what can we do to help reduce overwork?

How to Help Diminish Remote Overwork

You might not be able to visit each of your workers individually, but you can implement policies for your Florida business that can keep them from overworking themselves in general, and it all starts by thinking about things not in terms of remote work policies, but in-house and remote policies.

1. Support the Use of a Schedule

Helping employees set up a routine that is manageable and consistent will help prevent burnout, stress-related illness or injury (especially if it’s related to overwork), as well as poor performance. Be sure you emphasize the importance of starting/ending each day at appropriate times; this way they can get into an effective work schedule right off the bat!

2. Use Time Tracking Tools

Using time-tracking tools is an easy way to make sure your team doesn’t overwork themselves. You’ll be able to see where all of their hours go in one glance, which could help prevent any burnout or feelings that work isn’t getting done efficiently enough.

3. Encourage Your Team to Speak Up

Finally, you should empower your team to speak up if they feel their work requirements are becoming unreasonable. If they feel like they are overburdened or afraid to say no to more work, you need to know. Make sure they are comfortable coming to you about any concerns they might have so that you can address the issue at its roots without making it worse.

Symmetric IT Group can help your team stop overworking from home and implement the tools it needs to succeed. To learn more, reach out to us at (813)-749-0895.

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