Too Many Accountants are Fielding Technology Queries



Accountants are asked a lot of questions. You’d expect as much as they manage a lot of organizational money. They can give small business owners and executives straight-forward advice about whether or not investments make sense for a company. With the recent increase in technology use for small businesses, accountants have been fielding more than financial queries, they’ve been directly asked about whether a business should implement technology. Now too many accountants are fielding technology queries. Today, we are going to explain why, regardless of the answer, your accountant is the wrong person to ask, and why an IT company like us can help answer your questions regarding anything technological.

So, Accountants are Fielding Technology Queries – Why Ask Us?

The Cash Cow

Sometimes technology can be seen as a cash cow. By implementing the right technology, a business can create revenue while cutting costs. This profitability is exactly what every business is looking for. When you ask your accountant about IT, however, you are getting their perspective on a specific set of software that they use for their day-to-day responsibilities, not necessarily your own. Each business, even in the same field, is very different and has different technology needs. Therefore, the only people you should rely on for dedicated IT support is trained and certified technicians. Failing to adhere to this steadfast rule could result in unforeseen consequences.

Part of the problem comes from how crucial technology is for just about any business in today’s market. To keep operations going, a business needs its technology to work, but if it’s not, then you run the risk of efficiency, productivity, and success being much more difficult to achieve. Not only that, but if you don’t have proper cybersecurity in place, your business could be compromised at any point.

When you hire a business to perform services, you expect them to bring the tools needed to complete the job. Your business is similar in this regard, as it could probably get things done without technology, but only by sacrificing a considerable amount of productivity and efficiency. Depending on how your organization functions, you might find yourself unable to get work done at all without any technology at your disposal. Things like high speed internet, physical devices, and a plethora of other tools should be at your office. Whenever you turn to someone who isn’t an IT expert for technology support, you risk encountering misinformation, which can further harm your productivity and put your business at risk.

This makes the having trustworthy IT resources all the more important. Symmetric IT Group can provide your business with the technology support and management needed to optimize your business’ operations. You can be confident that we will keep your business technology in proper working order, resolving issues and actively preventing them from becoming bigger problems. We can accomplish this remotely so that your in-house team will experience minimal distraction, and as long as you provide your employees with contact information for us, you’ll never have to rely on search engine queries for technology maintenance ever again. To learn more about our services, reach out to us at (813) 749-0895 and go to our managed it services page.


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