Two Approaches to Collaboration Your Business Can Benefit From

Two Approaches to Collaboration Your Business Can Benefit From

Collaboration is the key to many businesses’ success and through the use of technology, your collaborative success could improve exponentially. The problem becomes how to determine what kind of collaboration tools work right for your situation. Today, we’ll go through two different types of software that can help improve your organizational collaboration.

Project Management

Solid project management can make or break a business’ ability to run efficient projects. This is because a lack of proper coordination can lead to task redundancy and wasted effort. Since the management of costs depends on the ability to maintain efficiency, collaboration via project management software features:

Real-Time Collaboration

The main benefit of any collaboration software is that it provides a centralized platform for team members to communicate in real-time. This reduces delays in the relay of information and ensures that everyone is consistently on the same page. Team members can exchange messages, share updates, and discuss project details instantly, giving project managers a construct to oversee progress and assign tasks as needed. If you need help setting up and maintaining your Microsoft Teams, we are here.

Document Sharing and Version Control

Another major benefit of project management collaboration is that they include features for document sharing and version control, allowing people to collaborate on documents simultaneously. This helps in avoiding confusion over different versions of documents and ensures that everyone has access to the latest information. This feature is especially valuable for teams that are working remotely across different locations.


One of the most important parts of any collaborative effort is maintaining open lines of communication. Without the proper communications tools, it is nearly impossible to maintain collaborative continuity.

Here are two tools that make collaborative efficiency possible:

Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration apps are a great option for teams that need various tools to push business along. Not only do they usually have several built-in tools to manage tasks and keep team members abreast of progress, they also often offer the ability to integrate tools such as video conferencing that provides the dynamic communication any team needs to forge ahead effectively. 

Voice over Internet Protocol

As Internet speeds rise, organizations are able to utilize alternative communication solutions that simply weren’t viable in previous times. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an enterprise-level communications platform that works over an Internet connection rather than the traditional telephone network. With a myriad of useful options that can improve business communication, VoIP can also significantly reduce your overall communications spend by completely eliminating the need for costly agreements with telecommunications companies. 

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