Using the Private Cloud Adds Security to Your Databases


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We discuss the Cloud a lot in our blogs and we do a lot of implementations with it as well, for good reason. Cloud-based databases are valuable for businesses on plenty of levels, but when you consider how much you expose your organization to by using a public cloud over a private solution, you suddenly start to realize that the ramifications could be far beyond repair. Compared to the public cloud, a private solution presents a greater opportunity for security, flexibility, and customization. Using the Private Cloud adds security to your databases.

The Benefits of a Private Cloud Database

Databases, by virtue of what they are used for, need to be both accessible while remaining secure. The cloud is a great resource to leverage for the former, but the latter can be challenging to leverage properly with a public cloud solution. You need to have a private cloud system that’s hosted on your in-house infrastructure, or on that of a trusted third-party service provider with dedicated server space for your data. Using a managed service provider like Symmetric IT Group can guarantee you have set up a private solution that is being monitored. You can make for a much better experience with private cloud databases. Here are some topics to keep in mind when determining your private cloud hosting options.

Considerations for Choosing a Provider


Depending on the type of solution you’re going for, you can either implement a fully hosted private cloud on your service provider’s infrastructure, or you can host your private cloud solution in-house, maintained and managed by your in-house technicians. We are located and provide it support and services in Tampa and Kansas City.


Access to your cloud-based databases needs to be constant and consistent, as you never know when you’ll need to access the data contained on them (or add to them). You should shoot for maximum uptime and a reliable provider with a reputation for quality service.


Cybersecurity should always be your #1, especially with keeping data safe. Your private cloud databases give you great power and influence over the security of the chosen solution, but you need to make sure that you take advantage of it. Ask your provider what kind of additional cloud infrastructure security they can offer for you, including secondary authentication measures, encrypted databases, and more.


Private cloud databases are great, but only if they can provide your business with accessibility on a flexible basis. You should be able to provide (or revoke) access to your private cloud on a whim, as your workforce can change by the day. We have a Help Desk in place to make sure that all of your IT queries are answered as fast as possible.

Choosing a cloud provider doesn’t have to be a pain. In fact, it’s downright easy if you have a solid IT provider like Symmetric IT Group around to back you up. We can host your business’ private cloud solutions on our servers where they will be protected, maintained, and managed without your business lifting a finger. To learn more, reach out to us at (813) 749-0895 and check out our enterprise solutions page to learn how we can help your IT.


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