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Do you run into a scenario like this in your work? You are out of the office and you are made aware of a situation that has resulted in an irritated client. You call the client to make things right, and you successfully smooth the situation over. A while later the client wants to discuss something with you and he calls your personal phone directly. You try to politely direct him to use your business line, but over time, he makes your personal line his business’ support number.

Now they’re calling you at all hours whenever their IT is on the fritz. Now imagine a handful of customers making this their practice. Not great. There’s a way to prevent this. VoIP gets you where you need to go.

Enforcement Policy

While it is a problem when work keeps interrupting you at home, these days it may not be unexpected. Many people have trouble leaving work at the office and for those who are working remotely, your home is your office. What is a problem is that you may want to record customer service phone calls so that you can review them if there are questions about what was said or if you need a reference later on. We do this in our day-to-day operations.

I don’t want one of our best people interrupted in the middle of some serious task because some worker’s iPhone won’t turn on. It is a little different for a client, but I would still prefer that things go through the proper channels. Calling someone on their personal phone number for tech support is not the proper channel. If calls go through our phone system where I can pull up logs and recordings if I need to later, it makes it easier to manage.

A Better Way to Communicate – VoIP

There is an option that works both ways: VoIP. With a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol platform, my staff can still give personalized and tremendous technical support and customer service from their personal phones, without sacrificing their actual privacy or phone number.

If a tech’s extension rings, it rings on their smartphone. They can pick up and answer the phone, transfer it to other departments, conference others in, and do everything they can do with their desktop handset. It handles the call recording too. All from a single smartphone app.

The Perfect Solution for Remote Workers

If your organization has multiple locations, or you allow your staff to work remotely, your VoIP solution is an indispensable tool. If you have good wireless access, you have a reliable phone system. If you don’t know if your wireless connection is solid or want to look more into VoIP before making decisions, Symmetric IT Group can run a free IT audit for you. Using VoIP phone system extends the reach of our business, and provides opportunities for our techs to provide great support regardless of where they are.

If your organization is looking for a way to extend its reach, provide each member with a reliable phone solution that they can take with them, and have access to features that promote accountability, professionalism, and other positive attributes, call us today at (813) 749-0895 and ask about our Hosted VoIP platform. Your business will be better for it. If you still want more information, check out our enterprise solutions page.

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