Watch Out For Cyber Threats This Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day Scams

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is finally here! For today and tomorrow (July 12th & 13th), Amazon Prime is offering deals on thousands of products in every category. While it feels like Christmas in July, these kinds of special deal days come with increased Cyber Threats.

Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to take advantage of people and Prime Day is no exception. As if saving money wasn’t enough reason alone why you need this event so badly now – there’s also an increased risk from scammers who want nothing more than to target innocent shoppers with malware and phishing to obtain sensitive information. Don’t let them get away without being spotted!

Cyber Criminal Stats For Prime Day

TechRepublic and Cyber Threat Intelligence Provider CheckPoint have already released a report highlighting the kinds of attacks Prime shoppers may be facing and it isn’t pretty.

CheckPoint stated they’ve seen a 37% jump in phishing attacks related to Amazon starting at the beginning of this month. They’ve also noted a 10% jump in new websites labeled Amazon that are malicious in nature.

What To Look Out For

There are two top scams these cyber criminals seem to be running. The first is a phishing email related to your ‘Amazon Order’. It states that your order was canceled due to an issue with the payment method and urges you to click an attached link or file to fix your order. Do not click! If you’re curious about your orders, we suggest you go directly into Amazon, click your account and orders, and check that way.

The second method of scam is very similar, in which they reach out and ask you to confirm your payment method by clicking something malicious in the email. Once again, do not click any unknown links!

The Prevalence Of Phishing

The idea behind phishing is to trick people into thinking that they are speaking to a reliable company or authority and need to act quickly. The tactic often uses psychological tricks like creating urgency and making it seem as though there’s not much time left before something happens – this makes checking your emails feel more important than ever.

To protect yourself and your Florida business, watch out for misspellings, share as little information as possible, make sure your Amazon password is strong, and reach out to us if you have any doubts or questions.

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