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Even if we’d like it to last forever, business technology can’t live forever for several reasons. Since Florida businesses and their technology are constantly upgrading and changing, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll implement technology upgrades at some point, whether it reaches its end-of-life event or just simply becomes obsolete. In fact, failing to update your infrastructure from time to time can have serious consequences for your business.

We’ll show you why solutions eventually reach their End-Of-Life and how to handle this event when it arrives.

Why Do Services and Solutions Have an End-of-Life?
All good things must come to an end. For example, you probably can’t remember the last time you used an actual rotary phone and there’s a very good reason we don’t carve messages in stone or drive horse-and-buggies around anymore. There are better, more efficient options for these technology solutions. While they may have been game-changing for the time they existed, there was always room to improve and innovate. This process continues for as long as people can dream of making better business decisions and improving their operations. After all, if there’s one thing that all businesses can agree on, it’s that faster and more efficient solutions are better than old, outdated ones.

Technology in general has improved substantially over the past several decades. Computers that used to fill up entire rooms are now dwarfed in power by the devices we carry with us in our pockets. Of course, this change was gradual and occurred over a rather long period of time. The same level of change can be seen in automobiles. Considering how your Tampa IT has changed over the last ten years for your business, it actually isn’t a ridiculous stretch to upgrade your technology every few years. You’ve probably been doing that as devices slow down and break anyway.

How to Approach Your Tampa Business’ IT
You don’t always have to wait until the end-of-life event for your technology to upgrade it. We recommend taking the following steps for replacing your IT:

  • Evaluation: Look at your Tampa business’ IT from a big-picture perspective. How does your business want to make progress? Is your technology and your strategies able to meet this progress? An inventory system for your technology helps considerably in this regard, and it can help you keep track of which technology upgrades are coming when.
  • Emphasis: Once you know where your business wants to be soon, you need to take micro-steps in the right direction. If the technology budget exists for this, then you need to consider which equipment should be prioritized, as well as whether you can afford them. Consider how many opportunities are being missed due to the upgrade not being done, as well as how close the system’s EOL is. There might even be a warranty on it that is preventing your business from reaching a specific goal.
  • Execution: Once you’ve figured out what your greatest needs are and how you can afford them, you’ll have to put your plans into motion. This might mean completing the upgrade process in its entirely or separating it into portions. Getting the optimal IT Support your business deserves should be a large consideration to help your business succeed. We can manage everything from upgrades, to vendor communications, to cybersecurity training.

Symmetric IT Group can help your Florida business implement the right technology at the right time. To learn more, reach out to us at (813) 749-0895. Check out our Managed IT Services page and book a call for more information.


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