You Don’t Need to Search for the Benefits of Backup



Let me ask you this: does your business have a dedicated data backup and disaster recovery system? If not, we need to talk. A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery platform (BDR) can turn out to be one of the most critical parts of managing a business’ IT infrastructure. By having a plan to turn to in the event a serious problem such as ransomware or a natural disaster descends upon your business, you can be better prepared. You don’t need to search for the benefits of backup.

If your organization were to suddenly lose a significant portion of its data, would it be able to continue functioning the way you need it to? If you can’t guarantee that it could, and many businesses cannot make that guarantee, a data backup and disaster recovery solution is exactly what you need. Don’t deal in the realm of “what if”, you should protect your company with a BDR.

Many of the methods companies currently use for backup have numerous inconveniences; and, in the information age, companies simply can’t afford to have a solution in place with so many detriments. With a BDR, you get the convenience of having a network attached copy of your data coupled with the redundancy you need to ensure that your data is protected. Best yet, the BDR can run automatically at preset intervals so that your company doesn’t risk losing more than 15 minutes’ worth of data. Furthermore, BDR uses the cloud to perform data backups, which provides a significantly better system for getting back in the game following a critical loss incident. The cloud is truly the best way to go about protecting your organization from unforeseen threats.

We hope this showed you the benefits of backup. To get started with BDR, call the IT professionals at Symmetric IT Group today at (813) 749-0895. We can help with your data security and make sure you have a backup plan that provides your company with the coverage it needs.

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