Boosting Employee Morale Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Employee Happiness

Every business has different types of workers; often to management’s chagrin. Ideally, all of an organization’s workers would be enthusiastic about their jobs and the status of a business as a whole. Unfortunately, people don’t always have like minds about the state of things and can see their employee morale reduced and their productivity wane. 

Keeping your people engaged does more than build a more productive business; it saves money. Recruiting and onboarding new talent is extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming, so retaining the top talent you acquire is all the more important.

There are a few things any business can do to engage their employees a little better and get them to feel a little more invested, even if they work remotely. Let’s take a look at a few employee morale boosting topics.

Promote Work/Life Balance

In order for your business to find success, your people have to work, that is undeniable. Ironically, the best way for people to find the focus at work is to have a solid work/life balance. Today’s businesses tend to have workforces that are much more distributed than businesses of the past, and that can wreak havoc on a business’s ability to promote a dedicated company culture. At Symmetric IT Group, we promote having a good balance of work hours and personal time, as well as taking time off. If you don’t do this, it can cause workers to work longer hours, which encourages the overwhelming pressure that business is all around them all the time, a major contributor to burnout. 

There are plenty of ways that an organization can assist their employees to improve their work/life balance. They include:

  • Value productivity over time – One of the biggest problems managers cause is looking at the amount of time that an employee works rather than what they do in the time that they work. As we stated before, your business needs productivity, they don’t necessarily rely on employees to put in workweeks that run counterproductive to their mental well-being. 
  • Encourage breaks – When you are busy, work can get difficult to get away from. Encouraging your staff to take breaks to get away from the work for a little bit not only gives them a respite from the grind, but will give them a chance to use their phones, because you know they are going to. 
  • Paid time off – Most places require a business to provide some paid time off, but the more paid time that you can provide your staff, the more they can enjoy their lives outside of the workplace. Having five days of sick/vacation time is nice, but having more allows people to take a vacation, and manage their outside life better; and, the better they are at that, the more effective they will be at work.  

Gamify the Workplace

One of the best ways to get superior employee engagement is to gamify your workplace. This is really a hit with the younger workforce. The theory behind gamification is that if you give everything your team does a points system and then give out prizes for the employees that produce the best work, you will get people competing for those prizes and the whole lot of work will improve. Here are three benefits to gamifying your workplace:

Improve Engagement

Part of boosting morale is improving engagement, and nothing gets people’s productive juices flowing quite as much as open competition. The more fun a person can have while doing work, the more engaged with that work they will be. 

Recognize Excellence

A big problem that many workers have at work is that they can excel at their job and it is completely taken for granted. By gamifying your workplace, the employees that are doing the most to push your business’ initiatives forward will presumably rank high on the gamification leaderboard. This not only gives top performers the recognition they deserve, but it also can work to make a lot of internal business decisions simpler. 

Improve Efficiency

When people compete for prizes, they tend to do their best to win those prizes. This means that more will get done faster. This improved efficiency is great for your business as it can speed business up and create holistic growth. The more efficient a business is, the more productive it is. The more productive a business is, the better the business performs, and the higher employee morale will be. 

When in Doubt, Pay Better

This might be the last thing a business owner wants to hear, but compensation is one of the leading reasons that an employee will look for another job. If you want to avoid that, pizza parties and pats on the back will only go so far—you need to pay them competitively.

If you would like more information about how technology can be used to improve your Florida business and help build a more productive, fun, and engaging work environment, give Symmetric IT Group a call today at (813) 749-0895. We can help you up employee morale through IT.

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