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IT Companies in TampaWhen you send a subordinate an email, you likely expect that they will read it and comply with the message. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and messages, especially in organizations where email is used as the main form of communication between departments, slip through the cracks. To remedy lost correspondence, consider setting up an email archive I.T. Management service. For more information about email archival Business IT Support, hosted email, or any other IT Services such as I.T. Management, call one of the top IT Companies in Tampa, Symmetric IT Group, at (813) 749-0895.

Email archival is an extremely lucrative business. According to Processor magazine, the global archiving industry nets over $4 billion per year, and is growing. By 2018 some estimates suggest that the market will be $7 billion per year. Archiving can be used to meet compliance standards, and retain the knowledge that is needed to properly run your business. Some of the elements that an archiving email I.T. Management service can present your business include:

Storage of Important Information: Business IT Support
Today’s businesses run on information. There is more time and money spent on keeping information today than ever before. In fact, according to Gartner, worldwide spending on information security grew nearly eight percent from 2013 to 2014, and is expected to grow by another eight percent in 2015. This influx of potential capital into data security, makes it essential that companies have options in which to keep their information secure. By setting up an archival Business IT Support solution, all of your company’s shared correspondence can be stored securely and catalogued in an easily searchable interface.

Rampant Standardization
As more organizations than ever rely on the integration of complex systems to store and manage their data, there are more entities out there setting the regulations for those systems. To meet these compliance standards companies align their archival strategies to the regulations set forth by the legislative and regulatory bodies that create the standards. By keeping your company’s past emails, you will have a resource that provides any information you need, fast.

Archival is Valuable
Cloud computing allows organizations to store and access information quickly from almost anywhere, but it also provides a scalable and affordable Business IT Support solution for companies that are concerned about laying out large sums of potential capital. In fact, cloud computing has drastically altered the way technology is used. Archival is made much easier by the cloud, as is suggested by Processor:

[…] on-premises information archiving market is slowing in favor of cloud-based solutions. Nearly all vendors with an on-premises archiving solutions are adding cloud-based or hybrid solutions, either via their solution or through partnerships with managed service providers. Vendors without cloud solutions have one tabled for 2015, the research states.

By relying on the cloud, your company can have more capital to work with and still have the same powerful archival system in place. This presents options for businesses looking to incorporate a comprehensive archival program on top of their regular email solution.

For more information about email archival Business IT Support, hosted email, or any other IT Services such as I.T. Management, call one of the top IT Companies in Tampa, Symmetric IT Group, today at (813) 749-0895..

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