How to Set Business Resolutions You’ll Be Motivated to Keep

How to Set Business Resolutions You’ll Be Motivated to Keep

Happy New Year! It’s officially that time when we all make resolutions meant to help improve ourselves, so why not include your business? Better yet, why not make business resolutions that you’re more likely to keep?

Let’s explore some of the ways that you can design your business resolutions to maximize the likelihood that you’ll keep them and benefit from them in the long term.

Design Your Goals Intelligently

“Work smarter, not harder.” It’s solid advice, and especially could show its utility as you try to make changes in the new calendar year. Are your processes clear, and crucially, are the outcomes they are designed to reach optimized for success?

This is where something known as SMART goals are useful. The SMART goals framework is a formula by which the most effective goals can be created, because these goals are designed to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. What is it that you intend to accomplish, by exact guidelines, and is possible to accomplish in a set time that will ultimately benefit your business?

By framing all of your goals in this way, you can prime yourself and your team to accomplish them more effectively.

Involve Your Team

Speaking of your team, you may want to commit some focus to bringing your team more into the fold as you strategize your goals. This will help you create goals that ensure that they remain engaged and comfortable while they work.

One way to do this is to promote the idea of shared responsibility in the workplace. Try to create resolutions that everyone can take part in, working together to collaboratively accomplish a goal. For your part, you should also resolve to readily provide employees with opportunities for professional growth and development. The more your team is able to do, the more your business can do… and the more engaged your team members will be, especially when there’s a clear path for them to improve.

It also benefits you and your business to provide your team with various wellness benefits and work/life balance-based perks. Providing opportunities to your team will make them more likely to stick around and enjoy them.

Break Down Your Goals into Steps

So, you’ve figured out a goal.

Now what?

While having a goal is an important part of improving your business, it’s only going to get you so far without a strategy that helps you progress toward that goal. Analyzing your objectives and determining how to accomplish them will make it easier to do so.

Try subdividing some of these larger tasks into their smaller parts, making an overwhelming prospect much more manageable and approachable. This also makes it easier to adjust different parts of your plan to improve the outcome that results from it.

Keep Track of Your Progress

On the topic of adjusting your strategies over time, it is much easier to do so when you have historical data to rely on. Make sure that you are keeping records that describe the progress you’ve made and the challenges you’ve encountered. Having this information will put you in a better position to improve your overall performance. Plus, it enables you to keep up your team’s motivation by celebrating the successes this data brings to light.

It also helps to seek out feedback from various parties in order to get the benefit of numerous perspectives. One person’s role—for instance, your own—may not give you a critical insight that strongly impacts the end result of your efforts. Crowdsourcing viewpoints from your team can give you a fuller, more accurate picture of whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, allowing you to more effectively make any changes or improvements.

Use Technology that Supports Your Goals

When you consider that Symmetric IT Group is one of the most dedicated managed service providers in Tampa and beyond, it was only a matter of time before we referred to your business’ IT. However, that doesn’t make it any less true that utilizing the right technology makes it far easier to accomplish your objectives, including those related to your New Year’s resolution.

You wouldn’t use a hammer to measure how big a piece of furniture was any more than you would use a tape measure to set some nails. The same goes for the information technology that your business puts to use—matching its purpose to the objective you’re trying to meet will make your job (and by extension, your life) much simpler.

We Can Empower Your Business Resolutions with Our IT Services

Let’s face it: New Year’s resolutions are hard to stick to. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit to your business’ new strategies without help. Symmetric IT Group can be there to provide the IT services and solutions that can help with all of the steps we mentioned here, as well as any others your business may require. Give us a call at 813-749-0895 to learn more.

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You should be able to run your business without having to worry about managed it support or the security of your data.

Read more about our services and how we can help you.

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