Protecting Digital Assets a Must for Modern Businesses

Protecting Digital Assets a Must for Modern Businesses

Business can be difficult when everything goes right, but when disaster strikes, serious issues arise that need to be answered fast and if you don’t have a business continuity plan in place, your business will be in peril. It doesn’t matter what you do, if circumstances decide that your business needs to shut down, having a disaster recovery policy in place as a part of a larger continuity plan, will do more than you think to save your business. Protecting digital assets should be a priority on your Tampa business’s to-do list.

How To Protect Digital Assets

Consider the Risks

Having a business continuity plan is to consider the risks your business is likely to face. Some of them have to do with your geographical location and the types of disasters that you could legitimately face, some have to do with operational downtime and the causes of that, but regardless of what risks your company could potentially face, having a plan to circumvent those risks is at the core of your strategy. 

When we talk about disaster recovery, we are talking about instances that stop your business’ ability to function. Sure they could be flood, fire, or weather, but they could just as easily be computer components or utility failure. Most businesses were not ready for the COVID-19 pandemic, which turned out to be a huge disaster for a lot of businesses. The businesses that were able to pivot to deal with the problems of quarantine or the uncertainty of operations in response to the global pandemic, were the businesses that thrived over the past couple of years. 

Let’s take a look at some variables your disaster recovery strategy needs to ensure that digital assets are protected.

Data Backup and Recovery

The truth is that any business that is unable to recover data when struck by a data disaster will likely lose customers. This can happen from malware attacks, component failures, or any natural disaster caused by weather. The best way to mitigate and protect your Florida business’s data is to have a reliable, redundant backup of all files and applications. Not only should you keep an onsite backup, you need a solution to the fact that many times, but that backup would also be compromised due to the disaster. A cloud-hosted backup that is incrementally updated makes the most sense for almost every organization. 

Think about it, a data backup service can effectively keep your whole organization from descending into chaos. Think about all the negative circumstances there are surrounding the compromise of people’s personal and financial information, and a data backup and recovery service begins to pay for itself. Here are a few scenarios:

  • Ransomware attack – Your business gets hit with one of the millions of ransomware attacks that hackers are disseminating and your files are locked down. With a timely backup, you can restore your systems rather than paying a huge ransom to get your files back.
  • Natural disasters – Regardless of where your business is, disasters come in many forms. If you are knocked out of commission because of a natural disaster, ensuring all your operational data is safe in an offsite data center, it makes it easier to make the important moves necessary to get your business back up and running.
  • Human error or sabotage – End users are the cause of 88 percent of all data breaches. With that knowledge, understanding your data is protected against employee mistakes, negligence, or sabotage makes dealing with an internal data breach that much easier. 

Protect Your Digital Assets With SIG IT Services

Those are just three examples where disaster recovery can save your business. Having the ability to restore your data and applications quickly in the face of a perilous situation not only provides peace of mind, but it also provides stability in situations that demand it. If you would like to talk to one of our security professionals at Symmetric IT Group about getting a backup system in place that is right for you, give us a call at 813-749-0895 today. Check out our Business Continuity page to learn more about how we provide top-level Tampa IT Support and Services to Florida businesses.

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