Should You Invest in New Technology Before You Get Priced Out?

Should You Invest in New Technology Before You Get Priced Out?

What does your IT budget look like for the remainder of this year? Are you considering investing in new technology? According to Gartner, your IT costs might be increasing. So, we ask you this: are you being intentional with your IT spending, and are you spending your business’ hard-earned revenue on technology that advances your organization’s ability to succeed? Let’s take a look at Gartner’s study to see what we can learn from patterns in IT expenses.

IT Expenses Projected to Rise

Gartner predicts that IT spending will increase globally by about 3 percent this year, totaling $4.5 trillion. While this growth is slower than that of 2021, it’s still significant in that the world is still experiencing issues with the supply chain and technology acquisitions as a result of the global pandemic and ongoing global conflicts. The bulk of this spending is being attributed to cloud services and data centers, which makes a lot of sense when you consider the trends over the past couple of years.

But Isn’t Technology Hard to Come By?

The big question is why there is so much spending occurring, something which John-David Lovelock, research vice president at Gartner, is attributing to higher potential prices moving into the future. IT decision-makers would instead commit to new technology now before it gets even more expensive in the near future. In a way, this makes sense, especially with many companies having issues acquiring the technology. They would rather take preventative action now to prevent themselves from spending too much later by investing in technology now.

Other notable numbers related to IT spending for the remainder of 2022 include the following:

  • An increase in cloud spending of about 22.1%
  • An increase in server spending of about 16.6%
  • A decrease in PC sales of about 5%

Take Action with Managed Services

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