Strengthening Teamwork With Remote Workers

Strengthening Teamwork

When Covid-19 hit, many Florida businesses were working entirely in the office or very occasionally combining work into a hybrid setting. This kind of working culture saw a massive shift with the pandemic and had to quickly adapt to fully digital teams, and over time, have shifted to keep those digital teams. Some companies even eliminated office space entirely, meaning that the only place for their company to meet was in a remote worker setting. This can make it hard to strengthen teamwork.

While a matrixed organizational strategy may work well for some companies, our company, a Florida based Managed Service Provider, and many of our clients we help stay efficient digitally use a much simpler system, and leverage technology tools to help us stay connected. Here’s how you can strengthen teamwork with remote workers.

Balancing A Digital Workplace

To keep a balanced team in a digital workplace, there are a couple of things one may want, to keep it from falling apart – the ones we suggest are regular, organized meetings and solid collaboration tools. Having team members report to one individual in their department and then having all the heads of those departments communicate with each other has been the best approach we have seen for a digital working organization.

Regular scheduled weekly meetings are crucial to keeping a digital team balanced, but only if they are set to maximize productivity and sharing of crucial information. Consider using a business program like SeaLevel or EOS. They have proven processes and outlines for meetings to help them stay on track, never run overtime, and lead to problem-solving solutions.

Strengthening Collaboration

The second thing that we have seen help digital teams exponentially are strong collaboration tools. Setting your team up with Microsoft Teams is one of the best ways to keep people in touch. Microsoft teams combines messaging, an organized grouping of sub-teams and department channels, and syncs all meeting invites to your calendar. Beyond that, it is a part of the larger Microsoft Suite, so members can easily share documents in OneDrive and send emails with Outlook. If a business isn’t interested in Microsoft Teams, there are many alternatives like Discord and Slack.

Strengthen Teamwork At Your Business

Keeping communication available and open is the best way to strengthen teamwork in teams working digitally. One of the best ways to ensure communication and collaboration is continuing is to make sure your technology is working for you, not against you. We can help implement all the suggestions made in this blog, get in touch.

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