We’re a Managed Service Provider… So, What Does That Mean?

We’re a Managed Service Provider… So, What Does That Mean?

There are significant benefits to be had by businesses that choose to seek out professional IT services and assistance from a managed service provider like us. We’re very aware that our word isn’t going to be super convincing on its own, of course, so let’s review what a managed service provider can do and how working with us can help your business.

Let’s begin by breaking down what we are as a managed service provider, and what we provide as such.

What are Managed IT Services?

What Makes Them So Different Than Typical Computer Support?

Managed services are the handling of a company’s assorted IT needs by an outsourced consultancy, staffed with subject matter experts who work proactively to prevent any possible IT issues before they interfere with a client business’ productivity. On top of this, true managed services also involve the active optimization and improvement of the business’ technology—not just preventing issues, but actually counteracting them through increased productivity that’s supplemented by on-demand technical support for a business’ employees.

Just a few short years ago, the term “managed services” was relatively niche. Today, the various attributes that MSPs—managed service providers—offer as an element of their business model have proven beneficial enough that the idea has become more noticeable, if you know where to look.

How to Spot an MSP

First of all, if you’re reading this, you’ve found one of the best options for managed services in Tampa. However, if you’re one who likes to do their due diligence, a real MSP will generally offer some version of the following services:

  • MSPs commonly work remotely, only coming onsite when there’s a need that requires hands-on mediation. This not only cuts down on in-office distractions and interruptions, it allows your issues to be resolved much more quickly.
  • While many traditional IT companies would operate on a piecemeal basis, the ongoing services of an MSP make the subscription model a much better option. Not only does this allow you to more confidently predict your IT maintenance costs and budget appropriately, it also gives the client clear expectations through a pre-arranged service level agreement.
  • Relatedly, rather than offering their services in catch-all blocks, an MSP can customize their services and prices to more exactly fit the needs of a client. Then, if those needs ever change, the MSP can adjust to meet them. This eliminates the tendency for companies to either over-invest beyond their needs, or miss out on clearly beneficial services because the price is too high.
  • Critically, most MSPs offer all-hours support and remote maintenance services, so regardless of when an issue needs to be resolved, someone is there to work toward a solution.

In addition to these services, many MSPs can step in and actively boost your existing in-house IT department. Let’s say you have a few legacy systems that are on their way to being replaced and upgraded, but still need to be supported in the meantime. An MSP is motivated to keep their team educated so they will be able to offer that support if you lack a team member with the required knowledge.

Alternatively, your existing team may not be sufficient to handle both the maintenance of your existing systems and also serve their equally important function of strategizing improvements for the future. With the help of a managed service provider, either one can be taken off your internal team’s plate, allowing them to more effectively serve their role.

Plus, MSPs regularly communicate with assorted vendors to obtain services for their clientele. In these cases, you and the rest of the MSP’s clients effectively join the MSP as part of a cooperative, as an MSP often has access to better deals due to their regular business that can then be passed to you. 

Do the Services of an MSP Sound Beneficial to You?

Now, we know you likely have options to consider, but my team and we would love the chance to talk to you more directly about your needs and challenges so we can better roadmap an approach that would work best for you. Of course, if you aren’t ready for that yet, we’re also here to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

In either case, give us a call at 813-749-0895 to learn more.

Interested in our Services?

You should be able to run your business without having to worry about managed it support or the security of your data.

Read more about our services and how we can help you.

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