What Should be Expected from a CIO in the Coming Years?

With technology playing such a massive role in modern business processes, having someone in the higher ranks overseeing IT is a huge advantage. This is the role of the Chief Information Officer—the CIO—which makes them an integral part of the modern C-suite.

So, what kind of thing does the CIO (or your business’s equivalent of it) need to know and consider in order to fulfill their role? 

Let’s go over a few of the priorities the CIO will need to have in the coming year and years, and what skills they’ll need to have.

What Does Your IT Leadership Need to Focus On?

There are a few key areas that the person taking the lead on your business’s IT should devote their attention to in the coming year.


      • Budget Defensibility – With the signals we’ve been seeing as far as the economy is concerned, budgets are bound to be pretty tight for businesses. This puts the often resource-intensive IT department in the crosshairs for cuts…even though these cuts could negatively impact the business as a whole.

        As such, it will be important that a company’s IT leadership has a good handle on how much return the department is seeing on the company’s investment into it, and that they have empirical data to support these conclusions. Focusing on value will help you to communicate this more effectively.

      • Data Security and Protection – The unpleasant reality is that cyberattacks aren’t going to go away. Why would they? Economic and geopolitical struggles often go hand in hand with cyber threats —many of which can and will target businesses of any size — which only adds to the current need for improved cybersecurity across the board.

      • Adaptability – The world learned the hard way how effective remote work can be just a few years ago, despite many resisting it for as long as they could. Despite distributed work quite literally keeping many companies from going under, a considerable number of these companies have been quick to pull their employees back into the office. For many of these employees, it has been an unhappy return.

        Today’s CIOs need to understand and embrace remote work as the net benefit that it is, creating a strategy that allows the business to take full advantage of its employees’ skills, wherever they happen to be working.

    We Can Help Your Business, Supporting Your CIO (or Even Stepping Into the Role)

    As a managed service provider, we have the capability to work alongside your Chief Information Officer to ensure that their plan for your business IT is properly implemented in a way that is both effective and fiscally responsible for your business situation. Don’t have a CIO? No problem—we can also serve as a virtual CIO for you, taking the lead on your business technology strategy.

    Learn more about the options you have with Symmetric IT Group by giving us a call at (813) 749-0895!

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    You should be able to run your business without having to worry about managed it support or the security of your data.

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