Why Solid Project Management is So Important

Why Solid Project Management is So Important

When we talk about projects, we typically mean new technology deployment. Our technicians spend a lot of time trying to outfit our clients with the right technologies for their businesses. What becomes evident pretty quickly is that most businesses don’t just need help with IT projects, they need to get the tools in place for their own project management needs. In this week’s blog, we will briefly discuss what businesses should be looking for in project management and how today’s tools can help your organization be more productive and get more done. 

Project Management and Your Business

Today’s business is much different from businesses of the past. First, all businesses rely more heavily on technology now than ever before, and many businesses are utilizing distributed workforces to get things done. Having the coordination necessary to get demand fulfilled is not always easy. This is where project managers fit in.

The truth is that a happy customer is a repeat customer. This is true in nearly every situation in every vertical market. Generally speaking, if an order is completed on time and on a budget there is very little that can go wrong with the relationship. This is where project management comes in. Let’s look at what having superior project management can do and how technology fits in. 

Great Project Management Helps Your Business

Let’s take a look at three ways that project management helps your business:

Customer Satisfaction

If a project is managed properly, it can go a long way toward repeat business. As stated above, if a project comes in successfully, on time, and within the budget that was agreed upon, they will likely look to your business to do more work for them. Better yet, you may get some referrals out of a successful job. 

More Organized Business

One of the great things about strong project management is that it helps the whole project team be more organized. Therefore, the business becomes more organized. Project managers can help teams with time management, the delegation of specific tasks, and the execution schedule of the entire project. 

Cost Management

Obviously, keeping costs down is a huge goal of any organization. With solid project management, projects will be more efficient, more structured, and therefore more cost-effective. 

Technology Can Drive Project Management

Technology can be a big part of getting your organization’s project management to the place you need it to be. Here are three tools that can help:

Collaboration Tools

Today there are several tools that can be used to manage projects, store resources, and communicate with a team online. These apps generally have a collaborative structure to them using a forum or instant messaging. They also come with integrations that can really help a project manager drive a project forward. 

Video Conferencing

With a lot of workers working remotely or even away from a project manager within the same office, video conferencing can be an indispensable tool. Not only can it give you an easy way to meet face-to-face with individuals or the whole team, but today’s video conferencing solutions also tend to have plenty of collaboration options built in. 

Workflow Automation

Developing a workflow is a big part of keeping a project efficient. Team members need task lists to go by and the business/project itself is measured largely by the time and resources put into completing these tasks. By automating workflows, you can allow the project team member to focus less on the business aspects of a project and focus more on the project completion itself. 

At Symmetric IT Group, we can help you procure and support the technology needed to run efficient projects with project management solutions. For more information, give us a call at 813-749-0895.

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