So, What Can the Cloud Do For Your Business?

So, What Can the Cloud Do For Your Business?

Since it first entered the mainstream in the mid-2000s, cloud computing has become a cornerstone of businesses of every size and shape. The big question that remains, however, is what your business could lean on the cloud to do. Let’s go over what the cloud can do for your business.

To start, we’ll establish just what exactly we mean when we reference “the cloud.”

The Cloud is Just a Decentralized Network of Resources

That’s really the long and the short of it. The cloud is simply a network that many computers and workstations can access and connect to in order to collaborate and share the data stored within. Whether you need software, data, or raw processing power, the cloud delivers access to these resources and/or the infrastructure to host them.

Convenient? Absolutely… as well as cost-effective, and conducive to collaboration.

Of course, to get the maximum benefit from your cloud implementation, it pays to approach it correctly.

You Have a Lot of Options

It comes in numerous forms and can be used to accomplish various things for your Florida business. In terms of the options you have:

Public cloud – The public cloud is that which is provided by a third-party provider, with all the computing resources maintained and delivered by this provider for the business to use. As a result, the business gets all the advantages of the cloud’s solutions without any of the responsibility of upkeep.

Private cloud – The private cloud is one that the business owns and maintains for themselves, using infrastructure that is stored in-house to host and run the services and applications they rely on. While this puts the onus of maintenance and support on the business, it also helps keep data better protected.

Hybrid cloud – A hybrid approach is one that combines private and public, taking advantage of the benefits of each to fully optimize a business’s IT strategy.

Cloud Business Need Benefits

You can use any of these cloud models to fulfill a variety of business needs, like:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Rather than paying up-front for each version of an application—and over again each time an update is released—SaaS ensures that you have the number of software licenses you require, fully updated and ready to go.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – IaaS gives you access to the infrastructure needed to support your IT, similarly to purchasing the servers and other networking equipment, but removing all the responsibility for upkeep and maintenance from you.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – Subscribing to PaaS gives you access to everything your business will need—from the software to the infrastructure to the specialized tools. This option gives you everything you need, fully managed by your provider.

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