Virtualizing Your IT Infrastructure Management Makes Everything Easier: Managed IT Service in Florida

Managed IT Service in Florida

Managed IT Service in FloridaBy now you’ve heard of Managed IT Services: Technology-related services that allow businesses to get the IT Support they need without taking on the often large and unexpected expenses that usually accompany them. This allows a business the ability to budget a flat fee for their technology support each month, and address IT Support Services needs that include communication, Business Applications deployment, and the proactive support of the business’ IT Infrastructure Management. The overall Managed IT Service industry has seen immense growth as businesses look to cut their IT Support costs, while continuing to build onto their IT Infrastructure Management.

This model of IT Support, the model that Symmetric IT Group proudly adheres to, is designed to deliver substantial value for any organization looking to cut capital costs, and improve their IT security and the efficiency of their business. Once you couple the comprehensive IT Managed Services and support platform with the development and deployment of secure and dynamic computing resources, it becomes clear to business owners that we can present a wide variety of enterprise-level options for the modern small and medium-sized business.

One way MSPs have diversified over the years is that they have begun to distribute cloud computing platforms, essentially handling all the virtual needs of businesses that are curious about what hosted computing solutions can do for them. In fact, a survey conducted by THINKstrategies and MSPAlliance found that over four out of five MSPs have seen their revenues grow thanks, in large part, to the growth in demand for secure utility computing platforms.

To meet this demand, more MSPs have had to establish data centers or contract colocation centers, in which equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental. This allows businesses to get the customized and scalable cloud computing platform they need to properly host the computing and applications they utilize day-in and day-out. With forms of virtualized computing becoming wildly popular, many MSPs have begun to offer their own hosted platforms as well as Business IT Solutions from third-party software vendors in an active attempt to meet the needs of every business in the market.

Your average hosted solution removes the need for I.T. Management, as the colocation service or the MSP that handles all the support and management of these platforms, absorbing this cost into the IT Service fee we charge. This trend is projected to continue for the next several years, as new cloud-based capabilities improve frequently and exponentially. Whether it is the implementation and proactive IT Support for a private cloud, or the virtualization of your company’s information to make it easier to utilize your available computing resources, MSPs like Symmetric IT Group are in a position to assist any company.

A study by MarketsandMarkets has predicted that total MSP business will jump nearly 100 percent annually to $255 billion by 2018. As many businesses have found out over the past few years, partnering with a IT Managed Service Provider like Symmetric IT Group will not only vastly reduce downtime, but also provide your organization with the Business IT Solutions you are looking for to get the most out of every dollar that’s budgeted for technology. Call us today to find out how we can help your organization get to the next level with our Managed IT Service in Florida and Tampa.

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