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Update July 2020

Symmetric IT Group has been monitoring COVID-19

Symmetric IT Group has been monitoring COVID-19 very closely Since March 13th when it was declared a State of Emergency by the United States Government. We began to plan how we would help our current clients work remotely and began doing so immediately. Our team was able to successfully assist clients in procuring Laptops, Webcams, Remote Access Licenses, Configure VPN’s (one of the safest ways to work remotely), and got Microsoft Teams setup for their organization and remotely setup them to continue working safely from home. Our Ticket volume more than doubled and all our systems were tested. We are very proud of our team coming together to help everyone.

Now months later, we are all seeing multiple different states in all very different re-opening phases, but all in some kind of re-opening process. We all know the virus has not vanished and could be making its way back into the spotlight along with all the protesting and large group gatherings that have been happening. Only time will tell where we will be the next 6 months of the year. We have however planned to let our clients, future clients and vendors know where we as a company stand.

At Our Office:

At Symmetric IT Group, we honestly hope we are over doing it by following these guidelines, but we would rather be safe than an employee getting sick or getting others sick. This is a hard time for not just COVID-19 but our Country and any good we can do; we feel can help everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Remote Workforce Checklist

We have created a checklist to help your business make sure you are working safely both physically and virtually. Cyber Security is always a threat, and now more than ever criminals will exploit us working from home.

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